Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Pornstars' Rack: May the 4th...

It's May the 4th! So please,, tilt your screen diagonally and scroll it slowly, humming the John Williams theme...

SL Connoisseur

I'll start from what is usually the conclusion of the article, and that's mentioning the 'social' side of this magazine release!
" Britney can kiss our asses 'cos we sure did it again ;) New ~SL~ Connoisseur Magazine May is out, thank you all for your requests and support, and be ready for promo party on Star Wars day, May the 4. 11 am slt with DJ Onisa, raffle and much more! Enjoy it :) "

I do not expect to see Ewoks at the party later , so that already makes it perfect for Star Wars day.

After all, that is how SL Connoisseurs begins now traditionally the issue: with a sexy roundup of partygoers who elect to enjoy an entertaining couple of hours of DJ Onisa's music and meeting the staff of the magazine as they enter the raffle brought to you by Edvard. We know that everyone dreams of a magazine spread or to show their creations, so special events like this are a must. If you want a tip: dress to impress if you can, perhaps with something that shows your assets properly! Read the magazine and you'll find out easily why I say so.

Lesley brings her talent and beauty to this issue in more than one way. But hey, something for the ladies too!

 Yes, yes, I say every time to 'read' it: that's because the staffers of SL Connoisseur certainly offer a professional writeup about those things that can help you improve your SL. I am talking about Edvard Taurion's work obviously, as he puts in magazine form the kind of presentation he has years of blogging experience in, with the obvious enhancements the format allows. But also the location reporter, Midnight Darkness. And even more about the talented fashion reporters. Such as the fashion editor Onisa Lundquist and the delightful Lesley Aristocrat, who in this issue brings us a name some of our group members are familiar with , Detron Seorn.

The self proclaimed magazine killer Selina Anatra is featured in this issue!

 In fact, Edvard features in the magazine regularly a variety of designers who are not part of the adult community, let alone its subset we call the 'porn scene', but in this issue we have at least one more name that we are well familiar with, seen at parties and may have entertained some banter with, no surprise who that one is! Ah yes, the selection of products presented will certainly entertain you - I could tell you that there's a tank made of waffles with a big wiener turret, but obviously you would not believe me. Right?

If you wanted to admire Lesley's intense eyes, suit yourself...what, are you distracted by something?

So yes, a magazine to 'read' , but I haven't forgotten about the T&A factor, would be criminal to do so in a porn blog post! There's plenty that could be said about that. I will always praise the work of the sweet Cheryl Reddevil: her Pet of the Month feature sees Lesley as pin up, and she captured with proficiency her quirky exhuberance. And aaaall of her inviting curves! I am now spending a few extra words about Kristina Deschanel, who confirms to be a gem of a collaborator and so very versatile. She's without a doubt a very underrated talent, but the magazine gives her a chance to shine and show her array of skills.

One more shot besides the cover, because I really like fountains.

In every post about this magazine since her first day on the job I felt compelled to praise her for 'binding the book' so to speak, as Executive Technical Editor. She always does support photos in articles, and takes the 'action' shots during parties, which are a skill (and a biiig chore!) in itself. This month she was tasked with the cover and centerfold, and she delivered! That of course with the aid of a model that you'd be hard pressed to make look bad, one of the brightest stars and most gorgeous and unique beauties on the scene, the one and only Zuby Gloom.

So, in short! the party is happening today at 11 AM slt, with Onisa as dj

. And if you have not SL Connoisseur on your (virtual) desk already, do not wait any further and get it right here at .

Thanks once more to Edvard Taurion for the interest and collaboration with the materia. If you wish your magazine to appear on the Pornstars blog, feel free to write me!

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