Wednesday, August 16, 2017

"Innocent Until Proven Filthy" by PNC Productions

We get new movie releases in the world of porn every week, with input by excellent newcomers to the scene leading the charts, so to speak, as proven by the peaks of prolifigacy by directors who put themselves on the radar just in the past year, such as Jennylou productions, DLP, True Ginger and obviously the creative team Mitzy Broadway/Max Long. That being said, there's always something very satisfying when one of the historic names in our industry comes out with a new movie - and she does it in style!
Talking this time about Peaches 'n Cream - Alexandria Topaz.

Aren't titles the funniest thing in porn? This "Innocent until proven Filthy" makes of course no exception! Here's Alexa's synopsis.
" After all the hard work she's put in with her boyfriend, Alexa manages to take Nakuru (Boyfriend) motorcycle for a spin. The need for speed sets in as she recklessly rides about town and finds herself being chased by officers of the law (Scotty Rodgers, Johnny Whadd). While Alexa manages to get away from one officer, she's not so lucky with his captain, or is she? "

Pornstars always seem to get on the wrong end of the long arm of the law but on the right end of another bodypart. And I am not gonna put any jokes about hot pistons and bikesexuality here, because the dialogue in this movie, in pure PNC tradition, is a joyride of innuendos. And that's just one of the many distinctive traits of Alexa's productions that successfully makes a comeback in here.

Light is a big factor in the movie, especially in the first sex scene, a strong opening for the movie (poppa)bearing an intimate feel in a flick injected with non-stop action. With a slick presentation from the credits on, the movie has room to showcase Alexa's dynamic camerawork. Nobody has a penchant for following characters around (also through splitscreen) like she does, providing memorable sequences.

As usual Alexa blogged the movie herself as well, helping the buildup - she is one of those producers always worth following both in the blog and on Flickr to stay on top of it all! She also provided additional information for this article, so here I let her speak again. " Included in the chase was a cool moving bridge i worked on with my friend JayD.. while it appears that i'm being chased on the bridge, it really is just a simple move of the arrow keys on my keyboard.. I again added Lumipro to this film along with some lights and special editing for a light dark/fantasy feel. .."

We thank Alexa for providing the screenshots for this post, and of course for her direct contribution to this short article and ...gee, for the movie! Featuring Nakuru Bergamasco, Scotty Rodgers (scottr07), JohnnyWhadd and of course Alexandria Topaz herself, who all did very well with their looks and respective roles, this is a production that will excite you with professionally (I dare not say "artistically" because it's often such a dick-shrinking word....but it would fit!) shot sex, never going for the most ordinary route even when it plays with classic porn material. And will keep you entertained with the funny antics that lead you there!

So, without further ado, enjoy the movie, right here after our old friend The Jump! And remember, the blog is always open to featuring your work - contact me inworld!

Innocent until proven filthy

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