Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Pornstars' Rack: Summer won't go away!

Well. sigh, the summer is ending. But in case you have not, it's a good time to start reading...

SL Connoisseur

Another special, star studded issue for SL Connoisseur, the lifestyle magazine born from Edvard Taurion's blogging and promotion experience. After 21 issues, still brings new material: fashion, locations, and various and assorted fun paraphernalia! Trust me, you don't want to get in a pillow fight with him, he has fortifications!

Rachel is no stranger to the centerfold role, and always knows how to dress to impress!

Of course hot girls is what interests the reader of this blog the most...and there's no shortage of those for sure! Starting with the gorgeous cover girl and guest photographer in the issue, Rachel Swallows, and continuing with all the other beauties. Leannan McCormick continues a first class run of contributions to this magazine with a pictorial of a delightful Pet of the Month, Jennifer Jade (Jenluvhewitt). I had a chance to get together with her lately, and this sexy girl (with underrated photographic skills herself, might I add) is one of the examples of the inspired choice the magazine made throught this couple of years for this feature.

Suffy is an expert dj, photographer, and her wirework is not bad either!

And since a few months, Kristina Deschanel, the very capable technical editor of the magazine, has found a space to show off her talents as photographer not just with the party features - which always hold the preminent opening spot in the magazine lineup, making it so worthwhile to attend! - but also with the more in-depth look at the Party Star. Ashley Sugarplum is the stunning beauty that holds that position this month, and this veteran of the SL porn scene is the kind of model that WOWs you at first sight.

Consistent quality on the magazine for its fashion features

Still with all this hotness, I am sure you won't miss the editorial features, including this issue also the debut of Niki Cole (nicolabcole) as fashion interviewer - another debut in the magazine, and another talent that is given a chance to shine from a position of responsability, with a double feature that already shows she is a good fit for the staff of SL Connoisseur. The variety of products and locations will make the read worthwhile.

Ashley is the definition of a party star - all her eyes were on her!

Now the best way is to take part to it all, starting with the party ! The poliedric talent of Leannan, aka Dj Suffy is there, and you don't wanna miss the chance to be in next issue! . Check the magazine out here!

And for an opportunity to see you magazine featured in this blog, feel free to contact a member of the team such as myself!

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