Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Pornstars' Rack: 2+2= 22

It crept up on us, Fall is here! With a new month, here you have also a new issue of...

SL Connoisseur

Edvard Taurion's magazine has been an important showcase to a variety of products I'll quickly allude to - after all, as we often mention, the whole magazine project comes from Ed's well known review blog and is a natural extension of it - but, more into our blog's area of interest, has been showcasing the beauty and talents of many members of our adult arts community.

Jadelyn's beauty is as intoxicating as my lines are cheesy, almost!

Once again in this issue the work of Leannan McCormick ( Sufferingfrom Lockjaw ) stands out, both for quantity and quality. Not just she once more she assembled the much coveted location report article, but hers are also both pictorials of the beauties of the month: the delightful covergirl Sandy Miggins, very much in her element posing for saucy photos in the kitchen, and the pet of the Month, life and soul of the Hard Alley party events, Jadelyn McAuley.

Niki's interviews really bring the product into focus

And Jadelyn brings to this issue not just her pretty face (and lovely jubblies) but also a neat interview with none other than Nicasio Ansar, covering his work as clothing designer. Interviews are a strong feature of this issue without a doubt, thanks also the work of Niki Cole (nicolabcole). Niki already proved in the past issue to be a valuable addition to the staff, and in this October issue she seems to have really gotten into her stride, with two interviews with valuable and well known designers, in a stylish presentation.

Many in the porn world are familiar with Nica - especially his dreamy sim, already featured in SLC

I cannot help but be a little bit partial to some of those involved, as it usually happens when you see friends in the mix, but that aside, it truly is a well put together issue. It wouldn't be SL Connoisseur without Edvard's direct contribution on product showcases (with a particular eye to Halloween -gosh it's already almost time for that!), and without Kristina Deschanel's party photos, the bit that makes SL Connoisseur for sure the most 'interactive' magazine on the scene when it comes to the chances to appear in it: show up for the party today, and you'll be there! Perhaps even as the sole attraction of the Party Star pictorial, like it happened to The Nurse (Gingerlex Resident)

It's almost a binary star, with Doc-torr's many attempts at photobombing!

 Do you need to know when the party is? But of course it's today Thursday October 5, at 11 AM SLT, at the usual venue, with Leannan capping the ample contribution to the magazine with her entertaining dj set

So, check the magazine out here , come over and enjoy. Be a part of it!

And if you'd like an opportunity to be a part of this blog with your work, feel free to contact me and plan an article!

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