Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Pornstars' Rack: New Year, you're here!

Made any New Year Resolution yet? Those last very little, so how about making one really easy to follow, such as: "I'll read the newest issue and go to the party of...

SL Connoisseur

My dear readers and friends,

I personally wanna wish you, your SL and RL families, all best in new 2018. Abundant of health, success and happiness. In this new year i will, together with my cherished staff, try to provide you with even better and more interactive magazine. I wanna thank you for all positive comments, feed back and suggestions that you constantly sending to me and my staff, thats most important to me, because we making magazine for you and bringing you what you wanna us to bring you for your reading pleasure.

Relax, have fun and enjoy winter, with yours and ours, always original ~SL~ Connoisseur Magazine.

Magazine publisher & Owner
Edvard Taurion

Here's party star .: ℒαȡỵ MФαnα-ϊʂϊʂ :. (moaisis) ! Who's Kristina gonna target at the next party?

These are obviously the words of...well it's signed! What's in the new issue of this new year of SL Connoisseur then? As usual, there's continuity and there's change. Traditions are kept, first and foremost the space given to the magazine's readers and fans. With the monthly release event, happening the first Thursday of the month, SL Connoisseur's parties are the ones that give you a guaranteed spot in the next issue, whether featured in many photos on the very opening segment or, with a full spread as Party star! Kristina Deschanel, (party photographer and technical editor) is awesome like that!

If you woke up with a headache and wearing just panties, you KNOW you had a great NYE!

And then there are sim reports, with Lulu's interview and Cas' photos, and Edvard's coverage of magazine mainstay sponsors, including fashionable skyboxes, the cushion rezzer that lets you be subby or entrench in a pillow fort just about anywhere, statues inspired by Russian literary masterpieces, and more ! And obviously the Pet of the month pictorial, again with the expert sensual direction of Cas Rebellious. His photoshoot of Ana (Solana Samet) has that rich and sensual aura that would carry you into the new year with a huge smile.

Yes, I think the water is warm enough...

This issue's photography editor is a fresh addition and makes a terrific showing. Theiasky. What's there more to say? Besides thanking again Kristina for her amazing contribution, gotta remind you that your chance to be part of the magazine starts today Thursday 4th at 11 AM SLT. And your dj for today will be a familiar name for the Sexiest people in Cherishsky.

You can get your free copy at the party, but in case you missed it or you want to come prepared and not flip pages during the dances and while you click for the raffle and whatnot, check out the magazine right here !

Dress sexy, you are gonna be in the magazine! And don't worry about the temperature...Even if Ed doesn't fix the heating, you are not getting cold at all!

If you'd like an opportunity to see your magazine featured in this blog, contact me, I'll be glad to feature the material of your choosing!

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