Thursday, February 15, 2018

Ayara and Nak in "Ruff Fuxxx"

A blog post by Ayara, and a blog post about movies here, this must be a special week! In Aya's words on the Pink Productions Blog:

" I felt like making a clip yesterday and ofcourse Nak was willing to volunteer. Can always count on him for that. Nothing fancy, just random fucking to a song with a good beat!

Enjoy nevertheless!"

And boy does it have a good beat! Showing you screenshots of Ruff Fuxx in a way does it disservice, as the true charme of it is watching the gyrations of Ayara's hypnotic ass riding Nak. Woah, I guess I am not one to mince words.

But seriously, Ayara's work, much in accord to her personality, has always distinguished itself for not being the copy of anything else. Uncompromising, original, distinctive, it's not based on showing everything (even if it DOES show the act indicated in the title, it's the sole focus), but on bringing the 'feel' of it through rhythm and flow, shapes of bodies primed for sex darting in and out of darkness and undulating in the dimmed aura of light from the neons. And as artificial as that light is, they swivel and clash in the most lifelike and sensual way you can imagine.

In other words: dat ass.
Okay okay, sorry.

For more insight in Ayara's creativity, I suggest you to read back her interview in occasion of another movie she did with Nak "Caught on cam", and the full spectrum feature brought to you by Monique LeFry for Alexandria Topaz's blog, just a bit over a year ago.

Ayara is an individual who proceeds very much on her own terms when it comes to her video and photo creation, part of the freedom she enjoys being a clever and resolved person who can produce her own content and does not have to rely on anybody. Her projects don't come from a schedule but are spontaneous (she used a very effective metaphor for that but I'll refrain from repeating it this time!)
That being said, her consistency is remarkable. Since the last chat we have had on this blog, she added 'magazine editor' to her resume, and the next issue of SL Unplugged is close to its release.

Everyone knows her from her support and expertise in this blog's group as one of the moderators and her duties as either dj or host in two of the weekly official pornstar parties, Mondays and Thursdays 1-3 PM SLT. And after the jump you can also see other two videos she linked in her latest blog post. One is taken at a very entertaining themed party thrown and promoted by Hailey and Zuby's The Abbey, and the other showing once more the way Aya can seductively flirt with light and effects.

It's always a pleasure to get to write about new videos from a true icon of SL porn who managed to stay 'relevant' since her debut almost a decade ago. See the video(s) after the jump and remember, feel free to contact me if you are interested in a blog feature about your latest work!

Ruff Fuxxx

Man down 

Retro Party Abbey 

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