Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Pornstars' Rack: Fab Feb !

February, the month of love! And not because it's the shortest one, silly people!

SL Connoisseur

It's because of Valentine's day! One of those festivities that SL loves so much..designers especially! The feature that got my main interest in the issue has been the debut of Osiris Leshelle for a sim spotlight article: photos and interview with the sim owner equally pique interest, in an ideal destination for a romantic - but naughty too, read the details! - mood! Osiris has always been a supporter of the magazine and a lively presence at the parties, on top of being quite easy on the eyes herself, but I digress! Congrats on her journalistic merits displayed in this issue.

Of course of all photos I'd pick the one with the model mostly horizontal...

You know how it goes, Cupid's arrow has a tendency to pierce holes through the wallet, and that's why you need shopping tips. Obviously in this issue of SL Connoisseur you will find some, as expected in a publication coming from Edvard Taurion, who has made a business out of product promotion for years now. You can charm your belle, you can...wrestle her, too? I am not judging you. It's a fun and diverse selection and you'll have to check it out!

They say shiny lights are distracting, but she has a way to keep your eyes on her!

But merchandise aside, SL Connoisseur has a lot of goods on display in this issue! In its established structure, Connoisseur has a centerfold, a pet and a star, and each one is a real feast for the eyes! Theiasky, again photo editor for this month, offers a truly evocatory pictorial of the exquisite Rena Guisse. And then there's Kristina...

I think Valentine's Day got a few seconds closer just by looking at this picture...

Kristina Deschanel, technical editor of the magazine since almost 2 years now, brings a welcome Valentine special photoshoot with the Pet of the month Morana Erin. That's on top of her usual impeccable (and time- critical!) job as photographer for the parties, which opens the magazine and wraps it up sending you off with a big smile thanks to the party star: Sam Glitter is dazzling covered just in hair and tats!

All that, Glitter's!

So! You want to end up in the magazine? Surefire way is, be at the release party! You'll be in the opening feature the month after, and countless times it opened the doors to more. Plus it would not be a party with Ed without a raffle. So be there, at 11 AM SLT, with the one and only Suffy (Leannan McCormick) as dj.

And get your copy of the mag straight from Mp at this link!!

Thanks to the SL Connoisseur staff for the material for the article: for a coverage of your magazine, movie or anything on the Pornstars blog, feel free to write me inworld!

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