Monday, April 9, 2018

A Sexiest® Movie Premiere: Dystopia !

Moviemaking in SL is an art of its own, with so many aspects to consider and variables involved. It is always the greatest pleasure to me when a filmaker decides to put the exclamation point to their days- long, weeks-long, sometimes months-long work by sharing the release of a movie with the community throwing an event. A time for everyone to enjoy, meet the cast at, and even give the movie a proper screen. Last night I have enjoyed attending one I'd like to get more into the details of soon, but I'll begin by bringing the attention on this one, coming up today April 9th at 7 PM SLT.

Mitzy Broadway for months now has turned the release of her movies into events of this kind, actively working with fellow members of the community such as the Hard Alley club manager Jadelyn McAuley. Her movies also are the best candidates for this sort of community happening, since they happen to involve a wide, diverse and numerous array of actors. She surely spreads the love, assisted also in the ever difficult process of casting by Rachel Avro. Like I said , moviemaking is a complex process, and every single person involved deserves a special mention and tribute , as I experienced in some way being witness (and involved) in some phases of the elaborate shoots.

Last time I spoke with Mitzy, the footage shot to compile this 27 minutes long movie consisted of over 1200 files for a total of 41,278 frames - and if this does not feel like a staggering amount of work, add to that the work on the original sets and all the intangibles including planning and dealing with the various people involved. Enough of this, though : Mitzy has kindly provided a press release for the movie, and I leave the presentation to her. Beginning with the words that are recited in the movie by the narrating voice of Rysan Fall, fellow acclaimed director of mainstream fame and that still we love to remember as a member of this group back in the day.

" Do you believe in hope?.........fate, when it is easier to imagine the end of the world than it is your own end? "

Dystopia is a post-apocalyptic story about the journey of a woman who struggles to survive in a world of darkness and desolation. 
Imagine a world of barren landscapes of vast deserts created by the aftermath of nuclear war. She must find the inner strength and courage to live in the dangers of this highly changed global environment. 

Trinity is the last of the surface dwellers fighting to stay alive, looking for food, water, and any remaining technology to survive the destructive disaster. Through this process of survival, she discovers riveting truths about Dystopia, human health and environment forces people to live underground due to an atmospheric contamination. 

A post-nuclear holocaust technology has opened a window at the Trinity Site where the world as we know it is turned upside down, creating a lost society called “the people of the underground”, where the rules are strict bondage and conformity.

Dystopia, A Max Long Film. From Rude Runner Studios. A Filthy Penny Production
Written and Directed by Mitzy Broadway


Mitzy Broadway
Sasha Johansen
Cathy Palen
Jagger Draconis
Katina Cazalet
Nicasio Ansar
Tricia Danielson
Wyatt Stone
Laren Silverfall

Heather Ashford
April Jestyr
Rachel Avro
Isa Cheviot
Max Long
Peter Moore
Jack Stroker

Featuring the Voice of
Rysan Fall

The premiere party will take place today Monday 9th at 7 PM SLT at Hard Alley with the tunes of Jadelyn McAuley. I hope you will come over for this event and enjoy the screening but most of all meeting Mitzy, Rachel, Heather and everyone involved with Filthy Penny Productions. Mitzy's work is of the highest interest and caliber, and she has been putting together a tremendous effort to feature new and established talent in the movie. If I told you about her next project already you'd be shocked...or laugh, or both. And certainly you'd love to be part of it. It's in the casting phase, so, show up at the party and who knows what can happen !

Thank you again for everything, Mitzy!

As usual, if you like to send a press release and/or agree on a post about your work, message me (Katina Cazalet) and we'll work on it, I am at your disposal. That aside, I really would like to remind you that our party planner of six years Moonie (Deka Teardrop), now with the assistance of Tourdiddy, are also at your disposal to work on time scheduling that would allow in world events to happen with the maximum exposure we can guarantee. 

So please, if you want to organize events that involve the community, having a chat about it with them can be a great way to go. We are working on an efficient way (aka an easy to read and updated calendar) you'd be able to look at to have a general idea of possible free slots and/or who you could work with at an existing established party to organize screening, magazine releases and the sort. Thank you!

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