Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Pornstars' Rack: April Foolin'

Having April Fools and Easter the same day was kinda confusing. Made me kinda cautious about cracking the eggs open. Well, let's now open up the newest issue of...

SL Connoisseur

For this first spring issue, Edvard Taurion's magazine hails a couple of welcome returns from major players of the previous issue, but in different, fresh capacity. When I put in written form my appreciation for the actress and model Kara Hawk, March's centerfold, did give a passing mention of her newfound interest in photography, that really got her on the map in a new light since the beginning of the year. We have here a shining example of these skills in this issue, with a beautiful display of the Pet of the Month for this month, a model that needs no introduction and deserves repeated viewings: Rachel Avro.

No stranger to the spotlight and a highly ranked photographer herself, Rache is a gorgeous model in this issue

Also making a return in this issue as object of interest is Stroker Serpentine, and how in the world could I not mention the appearance in this magazine of one of the main locations of the Official Pornstars Parties? Vice Beach is home of the Hoobs Hotties parties, and the Hard Alley Social Club is just around the block! Osiris LeShelle brings one of her sim reports and there could not be a better and more pornable location than this to be featured!

"The Sim is open to everyone. Rules are no Child Avatars and no Assholery" - Stroker Serpentine. Read the interview!

So, besides the roving sim reporter (and ad photographer , and hard working gal who knows how to squeeze some fun in the busy office hours...) Osiris and the beautiful feature by Kara, what do we have? Oh, of course we have a beauty of the month - and another one familiar to the party goers - in a pictorial by Theia. Just look at the cover and tell me you don't wanna check -so much- more of CandyCane Gloom. Plus, obviously there's Kristina's work...

See, look at how she grabbed shots of those people obviously just disrobing!

Kristina Deschanel's dependable work as usual translates in making the whole magazine possible through her editing, plus the party photography, featuring SammieP as Party Star, and all the other sexy peeps that made their appearance at the past release party!
Because let's not forget: SL Connoisseur guarantees you an appearance on the next issue by showing up - so dress up at your best, who knows if you'll end up getting an ampler feature! And of course every party also gives a chance to win raffle prizes, kindly offered by Ed and by - her again! Kristina. Sooo.....what are you waiting for ?

Don't you love when they kinda look like they wanna cover up...but are only showing off MORE? I do!

Well, waiting for the party to get started I hope! which will happen exactly at 11 AM SLT today April 5th, with the always fun and vocal DJ Leannan McCormick.

And check out the magazine right here !

If you'd like an opportunity to see your magazine featured in this blog, feel free to contact a member of the team such as myself!

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