Friday, February 22, 2019

A Sexiest® Movie Premiere: Tattoo The Pink Rose

We've got ourselves a new Mitzy Broadway movie! Does that mean we'll have a MOVIE PREMIERE for it? It's not even a question, cause today it just goes with the fashion! Premiere it is, and it's gonna be very pink! Starting at 7:15 PM SLT, with a party to follow! What's this movie about? Ah-ha, well, it might be a little complicated to explain...

"Synesthesia is a neurological condition of a patient of mine called the Pink Rose. Simply put, when one of her senses is activated, another unrelated sense is activated at the same time. This may, for instance, take the form of hearing music and simultaneously sensing sexual responses, as swirls or patterns of pink in color. Since synesthesia can involve any combination of the senses, there may be as many as 60 to 80 subtypes, but not all have been documented, and the cause is unclear.  
The most commonly seen type is grapheme-color synesthesia, in which individual letters and numbers are associated with specific colors and sometimes colorful patterns. Many synesthetes have more than one type of synesthesia. "

Okay okay, how do you turn something that seems an excerpt from medical conference proceedings into porn? Oh I tell you, those medical conferences take place in some great places away from home and there some pretty raunchy stories about some, but, listen to the rest!
"The Pink Rose perceives pink as the color response to sex, hears sounds in response to erotic smells, or associates body shapes with sweet and sensual flavors.The Pink Rose has unique type called pink synesthesia and a rare form of ink synesthesia. The condition can change the shape and 
color of your tattoos as well as the color of your surroundings to pink."

I may not see pink when I get excited, but when I heard of this unique premise, I got excited and saw a great chance for a director like Mitzy to yet again unveil the potential of movies as a visual medium. And show a whole lot of hot and weird fucks as a result. Don't wanna make this paragraph sound too highbrow for what IS a movie that first and foremost delivers with sex. Oh so much sex, sometimes in unusual places! But where was I ? Oh yes....

Synesthesia is a distortion of perception by our definition, and yet again, it can be seen as an alternative, richer experience. Is it because of some circuits breaking in our neural net? Some loose screws? Possibly, but I find enormously fascinating the idea of a graphic representation of a whole different way to experience the world. Some of the best work of fiction is about what we can closely relate to, but also what can put us in the shoes of a character who sees everything in a way different from our own. In this case, it is both!

As hey, I am not in the minority here when I say that very often in SL (and not just!) we tend to have a hyper (over?) active imagination and sexualise ordinary situations. In this movie, this happens but with an all pink (is it?), all fab verve typical of a director who loves to bring new and fresh images in the world of second life erotica. Through subtle editing and a creative, imaginific approach to set making - again for this movie several all-original sets were created, sometimes in a rather clever assembly.

Tattoo The Pink Rose is a movie you need to discover through viewing: this completely original story does not have in support as much narration as other titles from Mitzy, even if it does feature professional voice acting and a charming voice at that. It does not need it, because simply keeping the focus on the protagonist we get to be part of a voyage through a pink kaleidoscope, rich of arousing situations and some of the sexiest actresses you can see - because oh yes, a very pink movie like this, could only have an all-female cast! Minus Sailor the cat, of course.

The attention to details shown in the set is only the most striking element: everything about the production (featuring once more Heather Ashford as executive director as well as co-star in the key scene of the film), dance coreography (Sasha Johansen, also seen in one of the hottest sex sequences) and of course the amazing direction by Mitzy: simply the job of editing together the various 'color' changes and shifts must have been a challenge. Putting together a production of this caliber was no easy task, and as I list the credits, special attention and credit has to go to Rachel Avro, whose help picking and assisting the cast is always of the highest value. Now, on to the cast and a little word after that!

The pink rose

A Max Long Film
From Rude Runner Studios
A Filthy Penny Production

Written and Directed by
Mitzy Broadway


Salty Sailor Tattoo
Mitzy Broadway
Heather Ashford

Mitzy Broadway
Rachel Avro
Kara Summers
Lesley Aristocrat
Stacey Lucciano
Kaylai Cucco

Dolphin Club
Mitzy Broadway
Kimic Chardeux
Sasha Johansen
Lofty Lemur

Mitzy Broadway
Sasha Johansen

Casting Director
Rachel Avro

Executive Director
Heather Ashford

Choreography Director
Sasha Johansen

Sound by
Dirty Sex and Magic

Sleeze Degreez
As we kiss
Shakin up
Patched in Strung out

Shot, Cropped and Scored by
Mitzy Broadway

A Filthy Penny Production

So, once more, do not miss the movie premiere! We'll start at around 7:15 PM SLT with the movie screening. Giving everyone a comfortable amount of time to watch the movie (which always starts in asynchronous fashion in SL) before we get the party started (I had to say it...) for the official porn party at Gemini. It will be pink themed, obviously, so dress accordingly (Remember, real men wear pink, too). Mitzy gives her best in term of stories during these parties - plus, when do you think is the best chance to approach the production crew if not during a party that celebrates their latest of many accomplishments? Come and join us, movies are always events worthy of note!

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