Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Pornstars' Rack: Feb Fever!

It's February, and love is in the air! And as usual it's time to give some loving to a SL magazine designed in our community, such as...
SL Connoisseur

Another month brings a new issue of SL Connoisseur, which means a new month's worth of articles, shopping tips and obviously, sexy girls! As I like to remind to our readers, Edvard Taurion's magazine takes pride in the interaction with its audience, and an integral part of living the SL 'pornstar' dream involves appearing in something with a special feel, such as, a magazine! SL Connoisseur offers a great opportunity every month...the next one being right today!

Check out your watch, it's party time, and time to party in style!

It is always true that attending parties promoted within our community improves your chances to be featured - if anything, it promotes networking, which is the one and only secret to a successful pornstar life - : with SL Connoisseur, appearing on the magazine is a certainty, and there's added incentive to put together a sexy outfit! Come over at 11 AM SLT to have a great time with Suffy (Leannan McCormick) as DJ, Kiki (Kristina Deschanel) as photographer extraordinaire, and of course Ed and the rest of the crew - you will be immortalized in the party camera roll, and, you may end up in a pictorial!

GG is gonna make a few hearts throb! And not just hearts!

Pictorials which in this issue are of course themed around Valentine's day! Once more it's nice to single out one of the staff members who grows in their role month by month, and that's the case for DJIceQueen. First of all, her nightlife review casts the spotlight every month on a new club from the diverse and seemingly endless selection of entertaiment venues in Second Life: with this sort of article you get also to know more of the true life and soul of a club in SL, and that's the performers - we do not hear enough about the DJs, sometimes, and SLC instead puts great importance to them! But also, DJIceQueen provides some quality T&A: aren't we here for that? Well then, peek at a photo from her inspired Valentine-inspired (yes, repetition on purpose!) photoset with the sensual GGMcMillan.

What's Ivana looking at? Check the magazine out and you might find out!

Month after month I praise the photographers and the formula from SL Connoisseur, on how it sustains the growth of photographers who rise to the occasion to produce magazine-worthy efforts. This month too it's the case, with Kara Hawk's pictorial providing a lovely slice of life happening on the 14th, in the morning routine of another little bit of a SLbrity. I am talking about Ivana Hanni, director and owner of the notorious venue Castle Ivana. Counting all the models SL Connoisseur has presented would be a hard task: what we love is that it happens every month, and that involves the business owners and well traveled SLite as well as the debutante. Including the pretty Party Star, LadyMay2015.

The club at Kiki's is nice and warm, so don't be shy when it comes to getting in your undies.

It would not be February and it would not be Connoisseur without a handful articles of sponsored content introduced by Edvard, including the usual fun themed selection, and without all the other articles, including Avielle Jewell's fashion feature, once more bringing to the magazine a designer known for their imaginative and eclectic creations, and Osiris LeShelle's travel diaries, pleasing to read and to eye up with all the lovely photography flowing with the exposition. But I can only write so much about what other people write: what I need to say is, get the magazine, and read!

Osi likes to tease everyone in the northern emisphere with pictures of SL does.

The magazine is available as usual on Marketplace,
and through kiosks, and...yes, of course that means, at the party too! Once more: 
 If you are new, be there and give yourself a chance to be featured ! If you already have experience, be there and look into a chance to appear, contribute or simply meet, encourage and support the world of fellow pornies, artists, entertainers and business owners who end up crowding the party. It's what our group is about, after all!

. Want to see your work featured in this blog? IM me (Katina Cazalet) in world or leave a comment here! It's simple! I am obviously always on the lookout for these opportunities, while others simply dance and have fun.... :p

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  1. I just hope I can stay up that late to attend your party. It's past my bed time.