Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter From The Pornstars Blog Editors!

As usual on any Holiday's or any special 'Day's' we love to feature themed, on topic projects from our Second Life Pornstars Group and our Sexiest® Flickr Group.

It's exciting seeing all the projects released on the build up to times like this, and great fun collecting it all together for a special themed day of Blogging. Produced of course by all of you, or at least enjoyed by all of you who visit the Pornstars Blog.

Have a wonderful Easter and enjoy your long weekend. We hope our little corner of the Easter celebrations can titillate, entertain, and make you smile, or make you hot! Take care, remember to pace yourself when viewing the blog today, too much sugar and chocolate, and too much horny viewing all in one go can be dangerous! Remember we're professional trained Pornstars. So please don't.....Oh go on then....try it at home!!!

Stay with us all day for some Easter Hotness!

Serenity & Kat.

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