Monday, May 11, 2015

Emily and Sandy Can F... You Better!

And you don't have to take my word for it!

As I pointed out at the beginning of the weekend, sometimes I feature movies in posts that are made largely superfluous by how nicely presented the source material is: Emily of SL Porn fame as you all know keeps a perfectly organized and detailed archive of her cinematic ventures thanks to her own studio blog. With a blog post choke full of hot screenshots building up to the release.

Ok, the plot:

"Danny invites Riley and Vanessa to hang out with him at the pool, neither girl knew the other was coming and they both like him. What should have been a relaxing day in the sun turns in to an argument of who should have him, when Danny decide a little Blow Job contest is in order."

Excellent way to settle disputes in general, by the way. Altho you don't want to see Putin and Obama do that. Well...ok maybe with some help.

This movie really brings a new twist to the concept of 'Angry sex', with the two actresses going at each other's throat (not as deep as Larry's lap rocket goes, tho) the whole time!

Altho they might make up (and make out) at the end, you see. (spoiler alert?:p) 
And they certainly bring to the movie a (cheap joke alert..) great pair.

They totally rip into each other angrily: they even have an anger-fueled round-the-bush-beating confrontation. And I don't mean 'beating around the bush' in a traditional sense.

 It is truly a humorous standoff that will make you laugh, and you know how I love bits of humour in my smutty stuff (Sandy looks mighty cute when she is angry, btw! Awww! ).

It IS also , you know, porn, and there's plenty to enjoy in that regard! Super-sized meat dish Larry Vinaver does its best at being impartial judge in this dream contest, and gives equal attention to both parties involved, determined to get to the bottom of the subject at hand!

This movie really needs no words from me: it unites on screen totally sexy actors (with Best Cock and Best Butt credentials!)...

 ...see? see? 

...and a director of proven experience that needs no introduction (no, no jokes about Larry introducing his...oh fuck it, ok...)

I was saying....oh what the heck, I forgot. Doesn't matter, it's hot porn and the piccies prove it! Go see it, after the jump if you are lazy, or on Emily's website! Also, why did I censor the title in the headline? I have no idea.

I love to feature movies on the blog: please IM me or send me a NC if you'd like your work to appear here!

Thanks, and now, enjoy ! 

I Can Fuck You Better

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  1. FANTASTIC!! Thank you Katina and I love Larry's shifty eyes :)