Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: prepare your Summertime Fun!

Sitting comfy? Well, I am about to provoke you! Ok , not me. The people at...

Pro*vocative Magazine

PRO•vocative Magazine May 2015

Pro*vocative carries a lot of content that is of sure interest for fans and purveyors of erotic arts and all that is sexy and fun in SL. A diverse and intriguing set of talents featured, with a lineup of photographers and reporters straight from our Pornstars community.
Some examples?
Of the people interviewed, names like Rachel Swallows, Seddy, Vivi Joy need no introduction. Interviewed and shot, may I add, by other very popular and hot talents from the group, like Edvard and Rob, Partee, Ali. 

Exhibit A: Riding the long wave of promotion for the relaunch of Busted, Rachel Swallows!

Still, that's just a portion of the content: the staff of the magazine didn't just meet up with people from 'our' scene, but from all branches of the adult entertainment. Texas Rob McRae for instance, brings us a cool reportage from Kiki's House of Burlesque, Edvard interviews mr. Windmaster himself Windmaster Vernon (who hasn't done some bouncing on a Windmaster at some point in their SL?) and as always Rosa interviews an excellent photographer, this time the ingenious Spyder Silverfall. The solid contribution of the great Addison Summerwind completes the issue.

Exhibit B: The beautiful Seddy and her creations! Partee again does a great fashion report.

This issue continues the magazine's tradition, presenting the readers with a challenge.

"Coming up in June, we are going to invite our readers to partecipate in a themed shoot called 'Summertime Fun'. 
Be sure to submit your entries directly to me (Rosa Rhiadra) by June 5th to be considered for the June issue.
Remember no porn shots. Keep them fun, playful and provocative! 
Thank you all for your continued support."

Ali Lancrae took some really lovely photos of Vivi.

Sums up the magazine's intent : being fun , playful, provocative. Also, unfortunately, not porn, but you know you'll find more than a bit of seduction in there, and it makes for a fun read and a pretty display.

IM Rosa Rhiadra for a copy, search the Sexiest Pornstars or Pro*vocative group notices history, or just check the mag online on Issuu!

Please, hit me up with an IM anytime if you want your projects featured here on the blog!

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