Saturday, May 2, 2015

Wanna Flick? May Edition

Weekend movie post! Talking about some of the latest sexiness posted in group this week, plus something from I haven't covered in the past weeks but I still like to chat about.

I am starting with one by good ole Jhownn Warcliffe!

Above: Good ole Jhownn Warcliffe.

The movie stars this bodaceous babe Naomi, doing a dancing routine and allowing us to admire. She is indeed gorgeous and we can't help but oogle her up.

 Stare, if you will, yes.  Well, then Jhwonn brings her to the shower, things get heated, with some hot, prolonged, oral, and....

..and over a third-way into the movie, I can't help to be excited thinking "This movie is called 'Bathing with a shemale'...when is the shemale gonna show up?". Because, I really couldn't see where.......oh.


OH,my stars. I see THAT now. I always forget how unyelding those SL bikini bottoms can be.

So this is the movie, as the action in the bathroom gets very heated, and both the avis display in full their great bodies. What else could you want? Oh yeah, I know what. MORE sexy blondes AND hardons!

Then there you have another video for your viewing pleasure: Mr. Omer's latest, and his debut on the filehost Pornhub (here his page). In the 4th episode of his casting couch series, Omer met the amazingly curvy Barbie Hardon, and now he is up for a Naughty Visit ... her naughty (and sparkly) house!

Here too my words are redundant: a hot blonde who is more than eager to welcome at her playhouse a well hung gentleman who drops by for a visit. And that by NO means is flat like Ken.


It's an interesting new movie from Omer, experimenting with camerawork fundamentals and even the split screen. And Barbie is a real attraction! But now follow me past the jump, for one more movie, more photos, and the embedded vids

Movies after the jump! Click them, will ya?

So finally, I have a look back at this fun and exciting romp by mr. Lecker! Filmed at Retroville, for Meg Corral's HBIC Productions .

Oh yes! Fantastic! The porn version of a great classic and one of my favourite movies ever! Its music always gets me so pumped!

Obviously it has the same effect on Dillon, who whips out his dick and presents it to a very much surprised Be.

She is quick to adapt to this new state of things, tho, and the movie really gets heated.

In fact after that, Apollo Creed decides to not be outdone, and it's ON!

What? Ok, I might have gotten my Rocky movies mixed up slightly, but what's important is, this movie like most of the fun efforts from Dillon really is energetic and a pleasure to watch. Keeps during his short runtime a fast pace thanks also to a very cool montage, that tells the short but fun story without any use of words, simply the appropriate cuts.

You'll have fun watching this and will find yourself tapping your foot. Also probably wanting to tap one of the pornstars involved.

You are welcome to try, and if you succeed, perhaps make a movie about it! Enjoy these , for now!

Bathing with a shemale

Naughty Visit

The Rocky Porno Movie Show

The Rocky Porno Movie Show powered by XTube

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