Monday, April 27, 2015

Omer's casting continues!

So, Omer Smithson's private auditions continue! Even less private!

This is shaping to be quite the series, and I love it. I love to see projects that involve more and more people, and Omer is very keen on taking new people on his casting couch.

Just look at Private casting X n°3. It's practically a family trip in the ghetto for the Hanks, as Be is joined in the audition by Sam and by her bessie Rachel!

Omer in each notice in group about his work hints about the next episodes and sends an open invitation to aspiring actors and of course actresses.

I appreciate that, as it allows me to see in this series avis I was not familiar with. Such as...

Miriam here...

Barbie Hardon here (wow, and I thought Barbie Horse Adventures was ambiguous...)

And this last one here. She has a  great look I must say. I can see her being in a movie or two in the future.

It's porn machinima done in good fun, and I love to see what Omer does to keep it fresh, in terms of changes to the sex mechanic, such as in the episode with Be, Rachel and Sam

and special effects, like his trademark neon lights -which he is using cleverly for the stripping transitions

or...this thing here where I suddenly feel like Barbie should burst into a song montage!

What else to add? Oh , some more photos, even if it's my poor snapshots...

and then saying once more that I am looking forward to the next episodes. Contact Omer Smithson to be in the series, and watch the episodes below, after the jump (and after clicking HD on the player, too)

Don't be shy and write me to be featured on the blog! I wanna know what you do, and talk about it here, with your help and contribution!

Thanks, and now, enjoy ! 

Private Casting X n°2 

Private Casting X n°3 

Private Casting X n°4 

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