Sunday, April 19, 2015

Wanna Flick? A look at Erin and her 'Club E'

This is the introductory bit when I go all "yay, a new movie", you know. But yay, a new movie!

Actually, I am not -just- gonna cover a -new- movie, but you'll see.

Erin Cedarbridge has put together quite a few movies ever since the inception of her production company Club E. As I already had the chance to say, I appreciate how she always puts an effort, thanks to a careful pick and edit of the appropriate audio track, to release fun videos and movies spicy and intriguing to follow. This latest makes no exception.


"An accountant provides a valuable service for a beautiful woman's taxes - and her body - and discovers his favorite part of his job."
That's how the plot goes, and you will enjoy that part sure...but when it comes to the actual 'action', you might even forget about that. This flick surely deserves a special mention for the fast pace: I could hardly take a good snapshot of some sequences, they look so good in motion and are so fluid and there's more intense motorboating and ramming than in all the Bond movies combined .

Speaking of Bond, we have the Sean Connery of porn Larry Vinaver involved in a funny role here, but most of the sex is brought by Charles Parker and Adele Simondsen, who work very well paired on screen.
Charles is a bit of a veteran of the scene already, while Adele is someone that I can definitely imagine at this rate being a lock for the Sexiest® Newcomer category next year. 


Speaking of the upcoming Awards and of Erin's excellent work, let's not forget that her performances in her debut directing effort for Club E gained her a nomination for the upcoming Sexiest® Awards in the Best Actress category. There's a movie in particular from her 2014 repertoire that allows me to bring to your attention not just her great sex appeal on screen, but also candidates for Sexiest® Newcomer Sandy Miggins and for Sexiest® Actor Gaheris Edelmann.



Yes, and I really want to post some screenshots of it (part taken by me, part by Erin herself - her work blogging her own material as well as what she does day in day out for the SL Porn blog is something that really adds a lot to the community-), because it's a movie I enjoyed and I didn't have the chance to cover at the time, when I was not around in SL a whole lot.

To this day it's my personal favourite of Erin's productions, for the original setting and idea - if it was not a porn it would be a perfect plot for a movie with Sandra Bullock or something. It also stars Racheal Rexen, seen above with G, who also looks fantastic in her role. Because after all, awards are just part of the game and meant to provide something memorable, but being able to be part of something so creative and exciting is an indisputable accomplishment. ( in the spirit of it, I should add that it did win a Golden Cock award for Best oral sex scene and features the Best Pussy and Best Butt winners, actually ! What could you want more?)



Enjoy the movies after the lick!

Made a video? Been in a video? Show me something about it, I'd love to put it here on the blog!

Thanks, and now, enjoy ! 

Improper Accounting

Rainy Day

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