Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Coeur Noir's ' Hotel Spank'

As the Sexiest Awards are (at long last!) coming near, it's my pleasure to highlight the latest effort of yet another nominee for best Director.

Once more it's a team-up between award-nominated director/actor Coeur Noir and actress Sugar Vegas (Babygirl Luv).
And I do like to open the post with her photos, thanking her for providing once more a wicked sexy blog post about the production when the movie came out, complete with some of those excellent shoots of hers that already netted her a nomination last year in the photo section.

Sugar Hotel Spank

"During shooting I also posed for a series of photographs inspired by the movie and I thought I’d post some of the pics here so you get an idea what to expect (as if you didn’t already know…). Now spank this link – to watch the whole movie! Happy Horny Monday!"


Caged heat

Well, you heard Sugar! The movie itself is a BDSM flick shot in a grim and stark black and white, a very interesting solution that fits the theme appropriately. Even if you are not a fan of the genre, tho, I am sure you will find good reason to enjoy what you see...

I see a pair of pretty good ones here already!

Enjoy the whole movie spanking the link, or embedded down here!

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Thanks, and now, enjoy ! 

Hotel Spank

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  1. Thank you so much for the great post Katina, totally made my day :) Oh and yes DO spank that link lol