Thursday, April 23, 2015

'Shower Sex' by Wild Erotica

I always end up covering Morph's vids in quick posts, this time I am going to make a specific one....

Mostly because I want excuses to post ass pictures.
I might just post a bunch of those.

So, you recognized the actress here, right? well, I'll just put the actors' credit shots here.

The names are there because they often get mistaken for one another.

...I am kidding! It's always nice to see a meeting of two pornstars with memorable looks and two true well experienced ones. Morph's filmography is very rich, and you know what to expect from his videos: sex and muscles!

And he does some pretty heavy lifting here!

As for Be, her credentials as artist have always been top-notch, but she took the porn world by storm as newcomer in 2013 appearing in photos and movies more than any other star, and incidentally looking sexy as hell in all of them. Perhaps her most remarkable trait is her ability to work with optimal results with just about any photographer and filmaker. She must have some secret for that - my theory is that her potent typing voice hypnotizes people and breaks their will, along with most glassware  - but what I wanted to say here is: this is Be and Morph's first appearance together!

So they are obviously not the same person, enough with the rumors! Ok I made this joke already. I'll stop.

So, what about the movie? It's Be. It's Morph. You have Be taking a shower. Naked. Because really, who would take a shower clothed? Nobody is that dumb. 
 ... Well, Be isn't, ok? In this particular circumstance, at least. And then stuff happens.

Stuffing, I should say.

And you can see it all here, after the jump! Hit HD to improve resolution , please!

Made a video? Been in one? Let's talk about it so I can feature it here !

Thanks, and now, enjoy ! 

Shower Sex

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  1. Thank you Morph for having me in your movie and thank you Kat for the funny review lol mwah x