Sunday, April 12, 2015

Miss Emily's 'Legs Wide Spread 3.5'

Now, those legs have been laid out wide spread for a while, haven't they?

The production of Emily's monumental movie started already over a year ago, and unless you approached the world of SL porn very very recently, you are certainly familiar with it. Heck, with a cast of 130 people, chances are you ARE in it! If not, wait for her next kolossal (maybe she'll take on The Ten Commandments and call it Sexodus! No, eh? I am kidding. I know she's gonna do 2001 next).

As we finally approach the date(s) set for The Sexiest Awards, I can only say that the merits of the original movie can never be stated enough, breaking all sorts of records - largely set by Emily's previous motion picture-lenght effort, Succubus. And still the plot, which is as you know a SL rework of Kubrick's controversial last movie Eyes Wide Shut, had some parts left to explore in perfect sexploitative porny style! Yes, I made up a word again.

 A large part, even: Emily has more plans for what can be called a real franchise at this point. So far after the release of the motion picture, Emily has released three extra videos organic to the the main one. You could say they forms an Extended Version of the original. Still with no Tom Bombadil, sadly.

But I am going long with my blabbing as usual, and Emily as usual said everything relevant already in her own blog post, which I urge you to visit, of course. I quote:

"This is it the end of Legs Wide Spread Part 1, yes Part 2 was planned for 2015 but that might get pushed to 2016 or 2017

In Legs Wide Spread, The Motion Picture we see Mandy stand up for Dr. Harford and later we see she O.D. and in the morgue, this is how she got there!! We also see Nick Nightingale taken away after it's discovered he told Dr. Harford about the secret party. Victor reassures Dr. Harford that nothing happened to Nick, but here we see what did happen to him."

And to quote the group notices:

"Drugs, Rape and Murder what more could you want with your porn!! With a little craziness at the end!!!"

That certainly is true. The movie was filmed in October 2014, except the last 2 and a half minutes , in March of this year, and it's a very fun addition. Well, you know me ('No, who are you again?'), I am loving the little 'outtakes' that more and more SL porn productions are putting in their movies, what Imdb usually puts in the 'Crazy Credits' section, and this one makes no exception.

But I also love a movie with a solid story, and lots and lots of sex. Which, apparently, is possible, as Emily has shown through this 'series'. This in particular has an unique and truly sexy and varied threesome dynamic: the curvy herm Kelli Kristan looks at her best, engaging Charles Parker and Crow Mistwalker in hot action.
Take a look at this movie below, and of course, go to Emily's blog to easily find the other bits in case you missed them, including 2.5 , 1.5 and of course the main movie, divided in chapters ( 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 )if you like to sip them!

Hit me up with an IM or a NC if you'd like to be featured here: I want to hear about YOUR movie too!

Thanks, and now, enjoy ! 

Legs Wide Spread Chapter 3.5

Legs Wide Spread Chapter 3.5 powered by XTube

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  1. Thank you Katina, very cute and funny and some very nice words!! I know these posts take a lot more work then most would think so thank you again.