Saturday, April 11, 2015

Exhibitionists: 'Whimsically Naked'

It is always a joy and privilege to be able to chronicle the various endeavours of members of the adult arts community. I greatly appreciated the creative layout and fun use of  theme in the Bunny vs Ash exhibition from the Ashina Gallery team (I hereby dub them that way) by Tasanee, Melina and Ashlynn: where else can you visit a gallery that lets you learn more by headbutting stuff? Groovy!

But galleries -of the physical in-world kind, that is- and exhibits are constantly ongoing, and I am very happy to be informed about them as they happen. This time, I am talking about the art of Whimsical Aristocrat, or Whims.
Hee in Red -

You all are familiar with Whims' body...of work, I presume. Whether you are or not, I do hope you will drop by at The Living Room gallery and be treated to a lovely display.

There's always something truly captivating about visiting an art exhibit, especially one set up by the artist herself like this one. Therefore, I encourage you to drop by in-world and take a look at Whims' beautiful nudes in a very pretty sort of "out of time" space, to use Whims' words.

This is a little slice of the setting of the exhibit I took. My thigh is not part of the scenery. - Kat

Whimsically Naked

Many of my images portray myself and my models sans clothing. Given the time and money I expend on buying clothes in SL, the choice to photograph subjects without clothes might indeed appear a bit whimsical.

Hee in Red -

I have long been an admirer of artistic nude photography, and with advances in the lighting model and avatar appearance I feel the technical barriers between creation of realistic art nude images in second life and in that other life are collapsing.


This creates the opportunity for me to explore the interplay of posed bodies with careful lighting, creating artistic images portraying emotional states."

Three Positions on a Pier

So, in short: go to The Living Room and look at Whims naked! And you can only imagine what  she does in The Bedroom or The Bathroom. I occasionally stroll naked through The Dressing Room, and....

The Living Room presents: Whimsically Naked Exhibit through April

Thursday April 16th
The Living Room presents LIVE Music
5pm Whirligig Rutagaga
6pm Laidback Celt

Friday April 24th 
10am Plowies Pj party
Featuring Beth Odets LIve Fiddle Slut!

Whimsically Naked Closing Show
Thursday April 30th 
1pm Featuring  OBLEE Live Loop style!

Check us out on flicker and add your photos

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