Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack - British Invasion!

Tally-ho! A new magazine! Lovely Jubbly! Cor blimey! Gonna wag my chin about it now!


Britannia XXX issue 1

Allright, sorry for being a dick (van dyke). We do have a new magazine on the erotic scene, and it looks hot and brit! It's like every page is page 3!

from Britannia XXX issue 1

A sneaky backstage photo by Kat of the wonderful Cream Release set by Laredo, shown below! 
Check it out, it's amazing!
from Britannia XXX issue 1

I enjoyed a bit of chat with magazine owner Kat Kassner, which as many as you know is a very down to Earth and delightful person to talk to. And a darn hot model with fine baps and plenty photography skills. In fact, she is the main contributor to her own magazine in terms of photos, along with Laredo Lowtide. They shoot 2 models each in this issue, with Roxxxy Foxdale providing her own photoshoot.

Paige Snowpaw basking in the proverbial British sun.

The magazine has a svelte under-50-pages count coffee table book format, but what a view it offers! I hope you are all familiar with the work of the three aforementioned people, because it's a real pleasure to see them on either side of the camera - you won't see Laredo's butt on this issue tho, don't worry, if you are just into girls. :p

Featured in this first outing: Roxxxy's photoshoot, Margarita Blanco and Sexiest Newcomer nominee Cream Release by Laredo, and Kat shoots herself and cover girl Paige Snowpaw. Phew, I snuck in another reference to the upcoming awards show. I am good!

One of the nightly attractions from the Britannia sim , by Laredo (check out the album here) 

So...the magazine is clearly a great creative outlet for the gang of the beautiful Britannia sim - one great place to visit if you haven't yet -, but the focus of the magazine is clearly the models, and it does a fantastic job of presenting them, with top quality photography (I admit I always had a soft spot for fellow-inhabitant-of-the-first-letters-of-my-name miss Kassner before and since her first magazine work!).
One quite interesting feature of the Britannia XXXX magazine is, it comes packaged with posters as well ! That's inventive and I appreciated it a lot. If I were you, I'd go buy a truck and stick one of these in the back of its cabin!

More Kat because, why not!

So, in short... Go get Britannia XXX Magazine! You can fetch it for free from Marketplace here,  or you can grab it in-world from a kiosk right here.  Looking forward to the next even steamier issue!

Please feel free if you are featured in a SL Magazine (or produce one!) to tell me about it, so I can bring it to the attention of our readers here! Same for any project you are involved into, I love to help you showcase your efforts!

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  1. Thanks Katina, really appreciate the post and glad you enjoyed Issue 1!