Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Sexiest® Pornstars Of The Day : Official Gallery : April 2

Howdy Y'all :) let me start out by saying this is my first post for The Sexiest® Pornstars blog, but I am far from new I've been in this community for more then four years, this community is amazing and we are a family some of us are bat-shit crazy but we are still family :P..... So I will be doing posts on our community and making sure y'all get the exposure you deserve. My first post I will be taking you back to some amazing pics I think should of been blogged but were missed, due to there being so much content out there and previously only one official gallery. Plus some new ones too :P I hope you enjoy my first post cuz it will only get better from here :) Now lets get dirty :)

Deep Love By Ryu

Arched By Erika Thorkveld

Best the Heat by Ivori

Bliss By Seddy

If you want it come and get it by Seddy

Edging By Sandra Palletler

Sorry I feel Asleep by Zuby

Is Graham Sexy enough for you? by Tatiana

Lady Raven By Rachel Swallows (March Busted issue

Penetration by Cross Aura

Phoenix Monochrome by Phoenix Sparx

Rachel and Charles by Serenity Kristian- Faulds

Row row row your boat by Ashlynn

Invisible Woman by Erika Thorkveld

Who Owns This? by Thorgal
In the Moment by Ryu Quasimodo
 I know a couple were done by my loved ones, but even if I had not been in them or knew them they totally deserved a spot in my first post, I hope you enjoyed my first line up of hotness no worries there will be more!
 kisses, licks sucks & fucks,
your Dirty Little Girl


  1. A very nice..and a very hot first post Moonie! Welcome aboard. :) x