Friday, April 17, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack - Post Easter-vaganza!

Unsurprisingly enough, we have magazines to cover! Starting with this cover...The one of

Aroused! Magazine

Aroused! Magazine Issue 23

One look at the cover is all it takes for you to catch your interest, I am sure. can read and stuff, and so you know that it features some of the smexiest of Sexiest!
Interviewed in this issue, top (altho she makes a really lovely bottom too) herm pornstar Erika Thorkveld, and the issue is closed by again some of Marika's fine work with an uber-hot adult star, the Dirty Little Girl Moonie.

Moonie upholding serious Sexiest® Pornstars Of The Day credentials!

Well, fine. But moving past the fellow bloggers partecipation to this issue, what else do we have? Ah, easy: more and more sexy stuff!
Aroused is first and foremost a photo magazine, and what its staff photographers bring each and every issue is indeed pure titillation. With an exquisite naked pictorial by Sasquatch Rhino with yet another grande dame of SL photography, and yet another hot set by Sandra Palletier putting even more France in the mix for the joy of all the fans of all things that are maid. (I know Laura is a brit, but unshaven still counts)

You were expecting a flat-chested noob, I know. Well, too bad! Laura au nature.

Not just that, but exciting contributions from guest photographer Smilla Fredriksson, which will be a real discovery for many of you, I am sure, and a sensual couple set by Cindy and Fritz Frindy. And a little trip to a sim some of you know and love, and that I hope you all will visit at least once. Which? Well....come on.
Not gonna give it all away like that, huh? So...

So go get Aroused! An in-world copy through the Marketplace, or read the online version through its website. Now go on and peek! There's so much hot stuff for you to check out on its pages! And only a disclaimer here to follow!

 Are you in a SL Magazine? Well, darn, what are you waiting for ? Tell me all about it , so I will put you on this page!

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