Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wanna Flick? April edition

Weekend movie post! Some of you have some more free time than planned, maybe -ahem-, so let's just have a look at what have I been missing, from the group notices material. For instance, there is a pretty intense flick right here...

Another Kyla Whittaker production, this movie is quite intriguing. Not just because shows that Omer might be doing his porn audition biz in the safehouse of a white slavery ring (!), but mostly because it's in my recent memory the movie who does the most extensive use of captions as a mean to add to the film experience.

The plot itself is simple, but the dialogue does add a lot to the excitement. The actors fit the look for the part and the sex is rough enough and well framed.

This theme has not been exploited in SL porn movies as much as others, not with this angle at least, and the film promises a sequel. Perhaps we'll see the Mistress at work, who knows!

 I am definitely awaiting with curiosity where this will be going, and it's a safe bet to assume that lots of forceful sex will be involved, which I know is a turn on for many of our readers.

Now for another classic porn angle: pornstars never bring any money in their purse and can't keep their vehicles running for s**t! I just saw an example of it on the SL porn blog.

 And many others before in movie form, from Ayara's adventure by Erika, to Queen Emmikins' porn debut by Cameron Batista. But guess always works!
Anyway you all know Anton Production, and I always welcome new productions from this production company, even if I would have possibly enjoyed Jason Statham in the role. (not sure if i would have wanted Charles Bronson there, even if that version of the movie is by far my favourite)

 "Find out what happens when Jaquelyne runs a little short on cash getting her car repaired." Well, what do you think? Sheesh! What is it that always gets your cars out of order anyway? Is that all the banging on the hood that somehow damages the engine or the suspensions?

 I don't know, I know nothing about motors. Perhaps I am going to have a little oil check, it has been a while. But first, my last heads up to you...

Yes, it is Lunedor Oryl, in her short music clip!
That's the title she put on it. In group she introduced it like this: "Just wanted to share my first little video , just wanted to try things out , nothing impressive but hope you enjoy and comment please"

Send Lune your comments then! And take a good chance to admire her, because, and this is my comment, this is a very promising debut. As Lune says it does nothing to be fancy visually, but what you can't see from my snapshots is, the motion capture is perfectly seamless, with perfect fluidity.

Due to hardware limitation, it's difficult for a lot of movies in SL to have a good framerate, which is something I rarely bring attention to here because I am used to it since I am in the technically disadvantaged portion of SL users and it's something I built a certain tolerance to.

In Lune's case, if she can get this kind of visual detail and fluidity with her next projects without just a dark blackground, we really might have some technically sound video on our hand. Also, dat ass. Watching Lune swoon is always a pleasure!

Now go watch those clips, pervs! What are you doing still here? The movies are after the jump
Click below for mubies!

Sold Into Slavery - Episode 1

The Mechanic

Lune's Short Music clip

Lune's Short Music clip powered by XTube

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