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Nude Photographers Contest @ Flossify Gallery (hey, 5'000 L$ prize too!)

I know i should have just titled the post "WIN 5000 L$!!!1!" but give me credit for choosing somewhat of a middle ground between a little gentle plug and utter clickbait.
I don't browse Flickr as often as I used to, but yesterday I still kinda stumbled into a poster that seemed to have an interesting offer

  Flossify competition
Ah, perhaps you can't read anything with the current level of zoom?
Ok, well, click on the photo to enlarge! i am gonna wait. I am also copying the rules down below after the interview, anyway. I am sure you got the "5'000 L$" bit, tho.

So, I wanted to find out more (for the love of art, of course), and thought it could have been fun to share it with all of you.
The owner of the gallery that launched the contest, the charming mrs. Joss Floss-Tremmor (Jossinta Resident), took the time to tell me more about the whole initiative.

Flossify competition

- How did the idea for this contest come about?

That was my own idea and it is the first contest I have organised.
I proposed the idea of entering by pairs because I like to promote interaction and social community in Second Life. The idea of an exhibition where friends could photograph each other naked and then display the results in public was a very appealing one.
I hoped that people would have fun doing this and that it would inspire their creativity to make something a bit unusual. There's an added frisson too since the friend doesn't necessarily have to be the second life partner.... I hope all of the people who submitted their pictures will attend the launch event at Flossify Gallery coming "as bare as they dare".

Flossify competition
Above, you can see how parties are a nice chance to see what the gallery offers, thanks also to judge Valky Oldrich

- Ah, there's quite a few daring ones in the Sexiest Pornstars group, i tell you! Tell us now a bit more about Flossify Gallery and what motivated you into setting it up.

Flossify Gallery is on a parcel which also contains Flossify Club and Chez Floss which is my home. All those locations are open access. Flossify Club has 2 events a week on Tuesday and Thursday (12 noon SLT) and I run it with my friend DJ Valky Oldrich. That's the first parcel I have owned. Prior to this I ran a club called the Blue Casbah with my partner Rachelle Tremmor. This club existed for more than a year and we organised many events including art exhibitions, live music concerts and interactive events such as cat fights, games events with an erotic twist and even the first Second Life Sexual Olympics... (woah how did I miss that one? - Kat- )
The Flossify parcel will continue this theme but with more emphasis on artistic aspects.

Flossify competition
At  the moment Flossify is running an exhibition of the artwork of the always sexy Kari Velvetleaf

- Just curious: when did your interest for the erotic arts start, and what turns you on the most ?
Err, I mean visually at least, i don't want to get too private ! 

I think I got interested in the erotic aspects of SL pretty much as soon as I got here. I realised it was a great place to experiment and to really discover what I found erotic myself.
I find certain types of avatar very erotic, especially transexual and ambiguous ones.

After a few years in SL during which I was mainly organising events and performing with my group The Black Magic Women, I also realised that I could take photographs in SL using the phototools and the many different lighting effects that are available. Initially I was making publicity pictures for the Black Magic Women but slowly I started to experiment with erotic photographs of friends. I try to add some humour in these pictures when I can and I think that's an important part of my own view on what is erotic.

. Flossify competition

Thank you very much to mrs. Floss for helping to put the contest a bit more in context (I am not sure I can even pronounce this) and here you have another rundown of the rules.

Flossify Club and Gallery “Nude Photographers” Photo Competition
5000 L$ Prize to be shared between winning pair 5 runner-up prizes of 1000 L$ to be shared as a pair

Judging by Joss Floss, Valky Oldrich and Rachelle Tremmor


This is a competition for Second Life Photographers. Photographs must be taken in Second Life.
Photographers must participate in pairs
Photographs must be of nude photographers with the tools of their trade
Each photographer must take a photograph of their chosen partner in the nude (not necessarily their official SL partner)
Two photographs per pair to be submitted (one picture of each photographer)
You may position a camera (or other photographers implement) to protect your modesty if you wish (but this is not obligatory)
There must be a camera (or other photographers implement, e.g. flash, umbrella reflector etc…) in the picture
Submissions to be sent to Jossinta Resident before midnight GMT on Thursday 30th April 2015
Each submitted photograph must be full perm and indicate in the file name: who took the picture and who the picture is of (use SL resident names)
All entries will be displayed at Flossify Gallery during the month of May.
Exhibition Launch, judging results and prize-giving from Noon – 2 pm SLT at Flossify Gallery on Tuesday 5th May.
If submissions prove to be too numerous for display, the judges reserve the right to make a pre-selection of 30 pairs before the event
Join Flossify Group for notices regarding the launch event. Send an IM to Jossinta Resident to request group membership.

That is it! I hope to see many of you join the competition for a shot at some moolah, and be part of the exhibition. And please, always feel free to IM and bring to my attention any initiative that can be of interest to our readers!

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