Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack - Spring Magazines!

Yeah baby! Another magazine post! That's because we have ...

Pro•vocative Magazine

PRO•vocative Magazine April 2015

As you can see from the cover, Pro•vocative continues being a very well rounded magazine filled with content of sure interest to the fans of the sexy side of SL. Interviews, fashion, photography highlights, and of course, features of hot places to visit. In this issue, you can get more infos about Retroville and of course, the beautiful Dirty Rythms sim. A place Rosa calls 'one of her homes away from home', and you can find out why!

50 Shades of Kristan-Faulds!

Interviewed on this issue, as usual a mix of personalities from all walks of (second)life, from the porn couple of Serenity and Louise Kristan-Faulds by Spirit, to Edvard's chat with furniture creator Zhoie Zimermann to the glamour and sexy photography of Keely Mistwood and the lush views of Dirty Rythms, both explored by Rosa with her questions. And of course, there's Partee's fashion report, sitting down with another clothes designer and doing a great job showing their creations and the creative process behind their work.

Not to forget Jadelyn's photography and her Retroville interview with Hard Rust...And dat ass.

Worth of a special mention is of course another one of the editors of the magazine in Ali Lancrae, who displays her many talents - she is a multiple nominee for the Sexiest Awards this year, after all- not only shining as a model interviewed by the always camera-proficent Rob McRae, but also bringing her photography to the issue for the 'My Ride' feature, with models Ashley and Honey Bunny (Tawni Ewing) making their apperance atop of their hogs.

Honey Bunny 2 - My Ride

Bunny puppies out on Ali's photos! You can find an extended version of the shoot on Flickr.

So, you know the drill: there's a beautiful magazine out there for you to peruse, and perhaps collaborate to and be featured in! Contact Rosa (Rosalee Rhiadra) in-world to learn more , and of course, duh, there's the link for the online version of it!:

Anything porn-related on your mind? Err, if that's something i can write on these pages and put in the shape of a post, by all means hit me up with info!

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