Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Serial Clickers : Melany's Jewels!

I am truly happy and proud of this turn of events. I felt so sad when Melany Herrera about a month and a half ago wrapped up (with a wonderful finale, I might add!) her fantastic 'Melany's Jewels' series. But oh rejoyce! I presented to her a long list of people who were simply dying to be shot by her, roaming every hunt, sitting on just about every Lucky Chair they could find, to find the finest bling to wear for her and to be in that amazing series. And Melany agreed to give her series one more run. Here are the lucky ones who managed to appear in this extra special installment!

From the Italian (vi)King of Motorboating and Buttockal Hair, Luigi Trappatoni, to some...Yoga teacher or something, all sorts of people from all walks of life (and death) have been granted a chance to pose for Melany now, and we are really delighted that was possible. Truly an excellent way to begin the month!

But no, seriously! Huuuuuge thanks to Melany for doing this project, and to Daimaju Clowes and Graham Collinson for their collaboration as well!

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