Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Spotlight: July 27 ∙ Talisker Braveheart

Tali by Ali



  Talisker Braveheart

'Spotlight' is a special photo gallery featuring works by photographers and models from our community ∙ enjoy!  -Ali

  Talisker has been active for years now in the porn community as a photographer, model and actor. His photos are always very well thought out and composed with special attention to detail, poses and lighting. And the bonus with Tal is the sense of humor, irony and fun that he brings to many of his pictures. Having had the pleasure to work with Talisker on many occasions as his model, his photographer or cast together for film, I can say that he is one of the nicest and most professional people that I know in the biz. Please enjoy the following photo gallery featuring the multi-talented Tal, shot by himself and some others.

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