Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: Hottest in August

Heading into a new month, here we have the newest summer sensations. Talking about...
SL Connoisseur

SL Connoisseur #11 (August 2016)

It's the new issue of SL Connoisseur, and well, guess what I am going to put the accent on in this post here for the Sexiest Pornstars blog?

Yep, of course Emmanuelle Jameson's full spread on it, from Cream!

Hey, not to suck up on the boss, Emmanuelle Jameson, or anything (she has plenty to teach me about the art of non-metaphorical sucking!), but simply because the centerfold pictorials by Cream Release are as ever a true highlight of Connoisseur, and what all of you will be looking for the moment you open the mag. We never get enough Emma, you wanna see her boobs, so it's just natural!

Laura Richards' story offers a taste of the supernatural instead...

All the features that by now you readers know and expect are of course there, just look above for one, but as the cover affirms, you will find in this issue: locations and builder's perspective (a report from two radically different sims by Becca, including the lovely home of David and Tiffany de Bourgogne), fashion features by LaReineBrun and by and with Onisa Lundquist, and, does it need to be said? Of course furniture has its rightful space thanks to another of Edvard Taurion's interviews.

Cream and Ed beachin'!

I mentioned Onisa, and that brings of course the focus on one of her other main contributions to the magazine: her Pet of the Month pictorials, featuring up and comers in the world of sensual modeling. This month in the shape of one of the stars that I am sure caught your eye during parties and chat banters, thanks to her unusual memorable name. Maya Butterfly Platinum Edition (Maya Xuanzang)!

Maya, desnuda! Well, close enough, ok?

And Onisa will also wait for you with her dancey tunes and captivating voice at the party for the release of the magazine at 11 AM SLT, with of course raffle prizes to win as well. It's becoming a tradition of the magazine, and we can't help to be glad about one more and exciting opportunity to gather for all the aspiring models, prospect collaborators of the magazine and simple partygoers and sexy people.

Connoisseur promises for Fall to come back with a bigger lineup and plans, and you know its staff will work to place together a magazine of entirely original content.

A fun party last month, with the centerfold Spirit, her boytoy Hard, and many more! 

So, come to the party to get a copy of the magazine, but hey, if you missed it or want to read it without the foreseeable distraction of a few hotties on the dancefloor, grab your copy from the notice history or the marketplace store!

Let me know which project of yours you'd like highlighted on the blog, and I'll be happy to work on a post for you! Thanks, and enjoy this issue !

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