Friday, July 1, 2016

Wanna Flick? Mine Holiday

Some people make me mad! No, it's not a post about my pet peeves, although maybe some day I should do one. But how can some guys be so good at everything they do! Want an example? Well then!

I first learned about this guy called Jek Footman from flickr, and reading in The Sexiest Pornstars chat a pitch for his professional photographer services. You can see from the guy's work that he is in the category of the highly green-screeners who twist the possibilities of augmented reality using SL as a foundation for cartoon-like vignettes. You see it from his profile and his photo work right away: interracial sex, 'big' sizes, gangbangs are certainly areas of interest of the fella.
Then I followed on his profile the movie links, and here is his latest. 

No need to explain much of the 'plot' here, and sorry if I'll stick in some pretentious prose later: I think you can catch already from my poor screenshots what sort of setup we have for this Latina Holiday! It features amongst the 'friends' of Jek also a frequent visitor of these pages, MW Jonson, together with MaYcOn ShAkUr aka salymon. And the bootylicious Nadiax Zenovka!

Without the photoshopping going on, with all the glitches that can't be avoided at times when avatars interact, especially so exuberant in their proportions, mr. Footman's aesthetic here is articulated differently. Visually appealing at first glance already for the fans of this type of 'augmented' avis, filmed in all their luster with a level of detail that certainly shows a lot of horsepower, this production does more than shooting the black studs and the white girl who would leave Flo Rida and Pitbull bewildered.

The camera movements are subtle and realistic, the use of DoF and the pace of the edit creat just that little bit of ambience, expectation, sensual thrill that makes more enjoyable the dogpile-like sex you've seen coming.

That is even more striking when we look back just one movie, towards "Lost in a mines" [sic]. Here we have dialogue through captions, but the 'story' would be very efficiently narrated through the pure visual. The words jusst add a touch of humour and play into the the viewer's expectations, as the damsel in distress wanders in the labyrinth of underground caves of a mine....

...a gold mine, I guess, given how recurring that element is in the workers' apparel there! Although, it doesn't take long for them to go drill for oil, instead!

The pictures say it all: using the miner hats as sole light sources in the scene was a very inspired choice. Not only there is always a perfect dramatic light in the closeups, but the interaction and continuous movemenet of the different cones in the pitch black darkness produce greats effect in the ganbang.

So, enough chatting about these fine, sex-filled videos, featuring Jek, Lucious Petrovic, 'King The Outlaw Royalty'. Just take a good look at them and enjoy! And there's way more from mr. Footman, of course on his youporn account. Enjoy, after the jump!

Jump and look at the porn happening!

Latina Holidays 

Latin holidays

Lost in a mine 

Lost in a mines

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