Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Sexiest® Movie Premiere: Rough Ride!

The porn scene in SL enjoys a great level of activity when it comes to photography: our flickr group has literally dozens of new entries every day, and the in-world group is all capped out on mostly photo ads. So easy to share them, so many make them:  you can publish them, glance at them, comment and network easily on Flickr. But movies, these mysterious objects that require so much work and time, have such a unique charm. And when there is an event centered around one, I can't help but being very happy.
It's the case for this Movie Premiere Party, scheduled for later today ( Feb 25th) starting 6:30 PM SLT.

"Rough Ride" is a movie written and directed by Max Long, co-directed by and starring Mitzy Broadway. You may have seen Max and Mitzy already at another film-related event recently, as together with their sound editor Peter Moore they picked up nominations in the SL*Porn Group Movie Awards.

Let's face it: if you regularly check out notices in the Sexiest Group or simply take advantage of those websites that make a point to highlight the movie aspect of the scene ( the SL Porn blog's ad hoc posts, the Dog Star Beaver's digest, for once), Max and Mitzy's work is not something you could just glance at and forget. The movies released so far, Beach Bang, The Back Alley and Minotaur, are all filmed superbly and very distinct. Some also tackle rather specific kinks, and do it with inventive solutions and complete professionality. They are the definition of memorable movies.

We had in the recent past premiere parties for Zoey Winsmore's  noir series The Business of Women, and for Anyka Aiseiri's incredible filming debut, Pony. Both were works from well respected and known members of the community and familiar sights to anyone who hits the party scene. Not just a worthy setting for beautiful cinematography and the crowning of months long work, but a chance to celebrate the talent with famiar faces. Mitzy and Max are not everyday presences at the parties as others, but their willingness to organize events like this is admirable. And they are also going to open up their studios to more collaborations: in fact, there are some rather juicy big things coming up . Your mouth will water at that!

Rough Ride is essentially a road movie. Without spoiling the surprise, and this movie has many, I'll just say that the fun premise ( "Mitzy will do anything for a ride to Los Angeles, because Mitzy is afraid to fly." ) will lead to different adventures in a coast to cost sex romp. Each adventure can be taken separately - in this the structure of the movie is akin to Beach Bang, their most 'mainstream' porn work to this day - but the final movie exceeds the sum of its parts.

If you are online at that time, I really hope you can show up at the movie premiere ! The event will start with a movie projection at 6:30 PM SLT, followed by a dj set by Jadelyn McAuley (big thanks to the Hard Alley gang for helping organizing the party, together with the ever dependable Nicasio Ansar).
The party will also feature a little trivia game about the events of the movie: the movie is such a joy to watch that I am sure the prizes will not be the major incentive for you to watch it!

I'll add the slurl to the party location right here, but just stay tuned inworld for the notice and LM!
After the jump, the movie trailer, in case you haven't seen it yet!

Rough Ride: Teaser 

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