Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Pornstars' Rack: Be my Valentaurion!

Awww it's February! We are headed towards Valentine's Day. To the joy of some and the gagging sounds of many others! So all the singles out there, let's brace ourselves for what's coming and dive into this latest issue of...

SL Connoisseur

It's a full fledged Valentine issue, all hearts and cupids and cuteness! How else could have been, though. It's SL and there's no room for a Grinch on xmas, or for hatin' on the couples on V-day! And this issue does everything to be likeable, starting with that cheeky intro by Ed...

" We have given you the best from fashion, fun and interesting locations, to the world of adult furniture and buildings, as well as our hot Centerfold and even two Pet's of the Month for February.

Why? Because its Valentine's month, so you wont be lonely! Kidding on the side, we have three new members of the staff to present, and i was thinking to see them naked might be best way to do it."

Laura Richards is such a workaholic, with her photography and writing and...well, check out this issue!

For sure this is the biggest news about the magazine. There is a new Executive Photography Editor in this issue, and it's a name pleasantly familiar to those who have been following porn and these pages in particular. Eva Brunswick is the covergirl and centerfold of this issue, and her debut in the role upholds the very high standard the magazine had from its inception thanks to the talents of Cream.

Pet of the month n°1, Murderdolls24 (or 29, I am losing count!)

Eva needs no presentation, but neither do the other new and exciting contributors, showcasing their talents as photographers as well as their beauties. Who are the two new Editors of the issue? One is the long term pornstars from Crimea, Murderdolls: I had the chance to work with her in the past and her enthusiasm and positive attitude make me look forward to see her in this new role. Her photography in this shoot captures quite well her trademark ritzy styling.

Don't look at the bear, I haven't hidden any camera in its left eye, what are you talking about?

The other Pet of the month is someone I'd happily take as my pet, or pet her all day (and night) long and...well, ok this is a rather creepy way to look at it, I apologize! But I do unapologetically love Cheryl Reddevil's look and photography, and I am thrilled to see her being part of the SL Connoisseur team with one exclusive shoot.

With a cupid like Kayla, keeping focused on your date might be extra difficult!

As it happens with any team united for a common goal especially in SL, there are times when RL and various committments take over, and this marks the last issue with Kayla Bombastic's travel diaries. It's sad for me to report it, and she gets to give a heartfelt goodbye in her last piece. Kayla, who already matured magazine experience before showing a knack for organization and writing, has been a contributor for 6 issues of the mag and filled in big shoes for a very important role, and passes the torch already in this issue to Danielle Mannequin.

Always new interviews from Ed expanding on the buying tips you can see on his SL Furniture and equipment blog

 As we many times pointed out, SL Connoisseur is built from the experience of a SL businessman, aka Edvard Taurion. The magazine does its duty of showcasing fashion thanks to Onisa Lundquist's features and Edvard's interviews, supported by Kristina Deschanel's photography and magazine editing skills.

Party people of the new year! Will you bring your Valentine to the new party?

The party, complete with an exclusive item for you to win on the raffle will take place as it's now tradition this Thursday after the magazine realease. Feb 2 for you, at 11 am slt at this SLURL: be entertained by dj Onisa's tunes and great voice and dress cool, as the pics will be on the mag! Check out the photos of the past issues and you'll notice how people who showed up ended up being featured, and I do not believe in coincidences...if you are not seen and you do not show interest, it's tough to get gigs in such a supply-rich market!

. So, are you gonna get SL Connoisseur at the party, or get it free from marketplace? Whatever works best for you!

So, once again, I thank Edvard for his cooperation - feel free to write me if you want coverage of your magazine on the Pornstars blog - I am always glad to list your work on the Dog Star website in the digest section, and wish you to have a great week!

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