Sunday, February 26, 2017

Spotlight: February 26 ∙ Partee Mytili

 'Spotlight' is a special photo gallery featuring works by photographers and models from our community ∙ enjoy!  -Ali

  Partee Mytili is best known for her sweetness, helpfulness and well.. her asset ;)  Disclaimer time - Partee is my sister and so there is no bias whatsoever here  This woman is legend in our community and for very good reasons.  Her effervescence is catchy, her photographic and modeling talents are undeniable and her mind is so sexy-cute-smart there is something there for everyone to be attracted to.  Did I mention she is utterly tireless in her pursuit of the many, many projects and shoots she is involved with?  From photos and film to magazine fashion reviews and blog features.  Who could even imagine our little corner of Second Life without this wonderful lady?  Please enjoy the following small sample from her extensive work along with a few photos of Partee by others..

For the full effect do not miss Partee's Flickr here:



Partee Mytili

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  1. Congrats Pattee it was an honor helping you get your start. By the way this is Bane