Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Pornstars' Rack: March Goodness!

New month, new edition of ...

SL Connoisseur

Yep, SL Connoisseur! Produced by the leading reviewer of adult furniture and equipment in SL Edvard Taurion and assembled by Kristina Deschanel with the contribution of several members of the Sexiest Pornstars group, this magazine is now at its 15th issue. Those familiar with his blog recognize a lot of his style in this printed work, based on a reliable schedule, a clear presentation of the products and a consistent structure, apparent also in the way he addresses the readers month after month in his opening writeup.

Laura means quality photography, but it's the writing of 'Steamy' that will get you hot and bovved!

" This time, I'd like to thank you again for all the messages and ideas that you sent to us straight from beginning, my dear readers. Always looking for more of them. 
We have given you the best from fashion, fun and interesting locations, to the world of adult furniture and buildings, as well as our hot Centerfold and Pet's of the Month for March. 
Be sure to join our ~SL~ Connoisseur Magazine Fan group to keep updated and be more informed about what we are doing with the magazine. 
Relax, have fun, and enjoy with the always hot, new and original ~SL~ Connoisseur Magazine. "

The Pet of the Month Osiris shown in all her glory by Cheryl

The eye-candy that a magazine of this demographic has to provide is always delivered through a quality centerfold. I should say, centerfolds, because the magazine is not just about the girl who ends on the cover, but also about the Pet of the Month. These are in a way the photoshoots I look forward to the most, as they often showcase real gems of models who get a chance to put some good photos in their portfolio. It's the case of Osiris LeShelle! The fact that this month again the photography comes from my big photo crush Cheryl Reddevil is just added value!

Lesley had a solid debut in her first article - who would think that caterpillars can be fashion statements?

Cheryl was an inspired addition to the SL Connoisseur family, and the magazine manages to keep a regular schedule with new contributors this issue as well. The new faces include a new 'sim girl' by the name of Midnight Darkness, and a name that I knew would make an impact in our community having witnessed the multiple shoots she has been part of, and having admired her helpful attitude and professionalism on set of (yet another!) alien movie I was involved in. I am talking about Leslie Aristocrat, who completes the roundup of the fashion reporters together with the beautiful and silky voiced Onisa Lundquist. New material from Edvard, new erotic story - one blissful idyll at the sauna for Laura Richards and Severina - and the covergirl for this issue, photographed by Eva Brunswick. Rhiannon Skinstad has consistently been a friend of the porn world and a memorable model in photoshoots, so it was a pleasure to see her bring her sexy curves to the centerfold!

As usual, SL Connoisseur will have a party for this release. You know all the "hey , parties are good to meet people, photographers" talk? Well for sure this party will improve your chances to be in a new issue, and I am not just talking about the fact that you WILL for sure be in the party photos that will open April's issue! Plus, the tunes of Onisa and a chance to win at the raffle. If you can be online today at 11 AM SLT, just do yourself a favour and hop over!

. Gonna get SL Connoisseur at the party? You can, but why waiting? Get it for free from marketplace!

Thanks to Edvard for his continuing cooperation! If you want coverage of your magazine on the Pornstars blog, just write me, it's free of charge - and I am always glad to list your work on the Dog Star website in the digest section too! Have a great week and see you at the party!

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