Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Pornstars' Rack: Jubilant July!

It's July and the summer is ON right now, in my Northern hemisphere-centric view! So let's get sweaty with...

SL Connoisseur

Once again, this post is a space offered to anyone from the porn community who expresses interest in a little showcase of their 'printed' publications. And every month mr. Edvard Taurion is proud to publicize a new effort from his publishing team, who through the months of editorial life has comprised real talents from our scene. The lineup of this month is a reflection of it, featuring once more many names familiar to the followers of these pages.

And each Connoisseur Party gathers the familiar faces (and booties and bits!) of pornies plus many new ones! 

The obvious first mention goes to Tegan Malone. A beloved member of the group with infectious humor even in light of personal hardships, I'm of course twice as happy to mention her, considered the terrific work she puts together for the Dog Star productions blog. And here she appears twice too. She appears in the engaged role of sim reporter with photos and interview with the owner of one of the most interesting landmarks you can find in SL...

Tegan, wearing the marks on her chest with pride in the closing photo by Lesley

 ...and then with her hair down 'simply' busy looking stunning in front of Lesley's camera. Because yes, Lesley Aristocrat continues to showcase her talent as photographer in the issue. With her first-rate pictorial of Tegan comes also the duty as interviewer, as obviously SL Connoisseur does what it has always been doing: feature designers and products.
I am appreciative of the fact that while being an in-world extension of the promotion business Edvard has been carrying out through his blog, the mag manages to entertain me thoroughly. Just go through the list of the products covered by Ed this month in his reviews. It includes a cookie jar, a pervert pill, and the best way to spend 20 L$, Taurion certified! And you will recognize also historic names of porn like Quinn Ying and really wicked shots.

Rssen and I couldn't pass the chance to photobomb the party star of the month!

Now, I am not even halfway through all the things I should mention. Kristina Deschanel, what to say about her anymore? Technical editor (aka the girl that puts it all together!), interviewer, sponsor and also party photographer. Parties take a big chunk of the magazine page count and for a reason. A magazine focused on promotion can't miss the chance to do social events, and there you have them, release parties.
Before I give you info about that, stop a moment to consider: visiting it won't just you bring the obvious chance to win an item in the raffle. You -will- be in the next issue, it's mathematical! Kristina doesn't miss a person who visits. And now there's the extra chance for attractive girls to be the Party Star protagonist of the exclusive pictorial that wraps up the issue. Like it happened to ღ Monica ღ (naugthymonica) .

Yes, Suff, I lock myself out as well at the worst possible times.

Now, as I reach the end of the article, it's with great pleasure that I announce the upcoming party. Pet of the month and Photography editor of the magazine, the sweetheart and oh so naughty Leannan McCormick aka Suffy aka other pet names I shan't repeat, will be your DJ for it this, starting at 11 AM SLT.

. Get the issue here if you haven't yet, and come over for fun and those opportunites who I know many models lament being so rare :

And for an opportunity to see you magazine featured in this blog, feel free to contact a member of the team such as myself!

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