Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Sexiest® Movie Premiere: Lust !

In the bustling world of adult machinima, we always welcome with passion every event that helps putting the crowning touches to the remarkable effort that every video production in SL represents.
And without a doubt every Filthy Penny Production shines for both the quality and quantity of work that preceed a release, and the efforts made to make a 'world premiere' a special event.

Every time we had chances in the past to talk about 'A Max Long movie', we talked about finely crafted movies. Great cinematography all around, but also visually inventive and with so much original content. Impeccable scenography and ofter original voice acting, all at the service of unique plots. I already declared my passion for a controversial movie like Minotaur, and with the dream-like Rosse Buurt and a whole playful history of porn with shades of Kubrik as precedents, can Mitzy Broadway surprise us again?

You'll find your answer later today at 6:30 PM SLT with the premiere at Hard Alley for Lust , the latest Filthy Penny Production. The movie cites Dante's Inferno from the credits. The famous italian poem has a sure influence in the themes and setting that open the movie, but is mere inspiration for an original story written by Mitzy herself. A story that retains its epic-fantasy roots but stirs it shifting to hardboiled Frank Miller inspired atmospheres.

I have to say, her IMs from the set and when the movie was still just on the drawing board would deserve to be transposed in production diaries. Her flow of creativity is one to behold and you could tell from her vision so passionately put in words , how this movie was going to have the now patented  Mitzy ambition and back it up with a well produced coral effort.

About that: the cast of this production is formed by Mitzy Broadway, Max Long, Rachel Avro, Noshinima Midas, Jack Stroker, Heather Ashford, Peter Moore, Jagger Draconis, Marcus Castillo, Vicki Concertina, myself, Larry Vinaver, Laren Silverfall, Stevie Viper, Kandie Kox. Peter Moore deserves credit for the sound department, as usual. The movie provides original voiceovers by professionals, with Mitzy's original script.

What else can I add? One thing is to hear an intriguing story, another one is seeing it come to life through SL, and despite being updated constantly about the movie from its inception, throughout often minute details such as the 'anatomically correct' architecture in some scenes, none of that detracted from the sense of wonder you get seeing a movie like this.
It was obviously a pleasure to be part of it.

Enjoy the teaser of this movie below, and remember to come at the premiere, with the screening starting at 6:30 PM SLT and the party beginning at 7 PM SLT, with Jadelyn McAuley as dj.
If you look at the large cast above and have seen the credits of the previous videos, let me give you an advice: show up. This is the sort of event so unique to our community that translated in a real shot at movie roles for more than one of the names involved. But anyway, don't lose track of the main objectives. Enjoying a new naughty video, be part of a celebration of talent, hang out with many creative people.

Hope to see many smuty inviduals right there at Hard Alley! Watch the trailer after the jump!

Lust - Teaser

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