Saturday, July 15, 2017

TWO Sexiest® Premieres: Ali and Rache !

It was great to see the movie premiere for Mitzy Broadway's Lust so well attended and so well liked. Jadelyn McAuley did a wonderful job with her music and essential help setting up the party. And even amongst those who couldn't be there for the event, there has been a great degree of partecipation and feedback the day after.
So, a little heads-up for another two events, premieres if you will!
In strict chronological, and in "stuff we are involved with" order, I certainly hope many of you will have a chance to drop by for the inauguration of the exhibition  of Ali Lancrae's work.

Now, Ali doesn't need introduction, on THIS blog of all places, does she? I could go on now and praise her talent showcasing not just that marvellous body of hers and the many rare looks she rocks with the ease of a true headliner, but also the finest guys in the business. I could, but quite frankly, it would pale in comparison to the prose she can indite in her Spotlights! And since I may be many things, but pale I am not, I'll simply say: the party for her gallery show is today July 15 at 6 PM.  Don't miss it! Ali's artwork will officially open the second building of the gallery.

The first building had already a really fun party, for the soul and working hands of the other historic 'porn' blog in our scene: Racheal Rexen. I won't take much space to talk about Gemini. Especially since I have a handy link with the blog Vicki set up!

I'll just say that the artwork from Ali and Racheal truly deserves a special space like an art gallery - and when I call Gemini 'special' I don't just see it from the rosey glasses of it being a joint project with someone I love so dearly, Vicki Concertina, but also because it is set in a sim I consider one of the best kept 'secrets' in SL, Nicasio Ansar's Mirage.

Partying there is a blast, and HaileyMarie Angel is a sensational dj that keeps the party going with a rare ability to connect with the crowd both through exciting, atmospheric music and through being ahem....I am not sure she'd like me to quote her exact definition. Let's say, a goof!

Not that she is the only one. That's why I loved the party in June, and wish for an even better today!
But the weekend has more in store for the lover of arts who also fancies crashing a party full of pornies! So please, do NOT miss the newest exhibition at Isabelle Cheviot's Dog Star Gallery, featuring none other than Rachel Avro!

Rache is another name that requires no introduction, and the Dog Star Gallery has already thrown more than one successful opening. The genesis of the DS gallery, as Isa had the chance to tell to one of the most interesting 'investigative reporters' in porn, Cathy Palen, is a funny one, related to one of the most ambitious and articulated movie projects that kept her busy throughout this 2017.
We hope that tomorrow, Sunday July 16 , you can come honor the talent of Rache and party with us starting at 7 AM SLT, with DJ Curty - who has just been the featured artist the past month.
Both galleries will have an ampler feature on the blog in the future, but for now, hope you will have a fun weekend full of sex.....err, art. Both are three letter words, i was close.

Want your project to be featured on the blog? Toss an IM my way and we'll see what we can do .-)

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  1. Thank you so much for the gallery, the opening party and the honor.. it means so much to me! :) xxx