Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Surfer's Bay & Hard Alley Redux: Seize the moment and join in the fun!

This beginning of May is bringing exciting news to the fans of adult-themed entertainment in SL, and especially the Sexiest® Group members, always on the lookout for new locations to shoot, places to have fun at and opportunities to meet likeminded people.
These news are not about 'new' places in fact, but about important changes and a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity to gain access for free to places who are, or have been under different forms, a reality in the world of porn for years already as the wonderful 'set' for movies and photos.
I'll start with the return of the legendary....

photo by Hard Rust!

" Hard Alley Reopening is Tuesday, May 1, 2018 at 7PM SL time! We'll be having a party in the strip club, and everyone is invited to come check out and explore the sim! Leave your inhibitions at home! 

It's good to be back! 

Hard Alley has always been a place built around a simple, strong concept (heck, practically defined the SL Urban Sex Sim as we know it !), but more than that, it managed to build a strong, enthusiastic community that has been a leading force in the birth of the porn community as it is now. After an uninterupted run of nearly a decade and a constant evolution including the beauty that was Retroville, Hard Alley had to relocate a couple years ago in a 'downsized' fashion, continuing to host Official Pornstars Parties at the porn and sex friendly  Stroker Toyz sim, but without the wider scope of an urban complex stage of rough sex and filled with quirky secrets. Now those times come back again!
The amazing Hard Rust and his legacy will surely reach beyond eternity !

Ok someone obviously is feeding me lines here... So let me just shup at this point and post a..reducted version of the official notice about the 'old new' Hard Alley!

Hard and Spirit at work Just like old times!

- Entry to Hard Alley is free and everyone is welcome. Take pictures, walk around, enjoy the shenanigans. However, you MUST be a member of the "Hard Alley: Redux" group to be able to utilize any of the furniture or to rez things.

- The Hard Alley: Redux group has a fee to join, but it's nominal. The reason why we are doing this is because we want a fun and safe place for people to play, plus it helps with basic costs and security. You will find that our fee is quite a bit less than other sims across the grid that charge way more for just access to the land.

- Role play, sex, forced sex, rape fantasies are allowed and encouraged, yet will not be required. You will see people having sex here. This will be a sex oriented sim, just like the old Alley. If you are not comfortable with these things, that's okay. You're more than welcome to take pictures and attend parties. Just please do not interfere with players. Do it how you want. What’s fun for one might not necessarily be fun for someone else. So be mindful of that and respect others.

- Hard Alley was founded with the idea that no one should dictate to you how you should have fun. HA provides a scenic backdrop. It’s up to each person to decide how they will enjoy it.

The Lunatics are running the asylum - and that asylum is a part of HAR! (photo by Spirit )

We are doing this as a labor of love for ourselves, and sharing it with you all. All we ask is respect and kindness to others. We hope everyone enjoys the new Hard Alley, and hope you all support us as we grow and expand!

- With love and sex,
Hard "The Sleaze King" Rust
Spirit "Take a picture, it will last longer" Eleonara-Rust
Jadelyn "You want a piece of this? You can't have it" McAuley
Lazy8 "I can have Jadelyn anytime and you can't" Resident
Kron "You are gonna love the trunk of my car" Ray
Winter "I love riding in the trunk of a car" Ray

Another HUGELY popular sim where almost every active 'pornie' has had a chance to perform one way or another has of course been Surfer's bay.

the great Surfer's bay poster, based on this terrific shot by multiple award winner pornstar Talisker Braveheart

Owned by Duncan Blackburn, this gem of a place has one of the highest concentration of scenic spots you can find. Surfer's regularly hosts entertaining hangouts with DJs that are part of our community and is home of contests and activities catered to the burstling photographic activity taking place there -  just as an example, today proudly they announced the name of the Baygirl of the month, Leannan McCormick, enough said!

So, what about Surfer's?

" Surfer’s Bay is growing, and we have a lot of exciting events and new activities planned for 2018.
The sim will be opened more for non-members to take part in events, so we have created a special group for our current members to join called: Surfer’s Bay VIP.
Joining this group will allow you access to the Surfer’s Bay sim and rezz rights from 25 April.

If you are already a member of the Surfer’s Bay group, you can join the new Surfer’s Bay VIP Group for FREE until 9 May.
This FREE offer is also available for all new members – it is a great chance to join us – so invite your friends to join up too.
After 9 May, joining the group will cost L$500

Exactly a year ago, this beauty of a pic by Simone Landers won Surfer's bay first flickr contest. Love it still!

To join, TP to the landing area at Surfer’s Bay and click the sign or find the group inworld: Surfer’s Bay VIP

If you need help, please send a message to:

Duncan Blackburn
Owner – Surfer’s Bay "

So, remember : joining these groups can provide you with countless locations for awesome shoots. And if you are an aspiring model or actor, it's a fact that directors and photographers are gonna use these places constantly. Do not miss out - showing support to these awesome people IS in fact a good investement of your money when it will become necessary to do so, buuut...hey. I am just here to help ya!

Feel free to contact me in-world to discuss any post opportunity on the Sexiest Blog to cover your creations or any topic relevant to our community. I welcome your invitations and input!

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