Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Pornstars' Rack: So that we May be Three

Get it? May. Three. Because today is the... Ah come on, like all those May the Force jokes are THAT clever, huh! Let's talk now about mags, and once more by kind request I love to showcase here the newest, FREE issue of...

SL Connoisseur

Working hard and partying even harder, right? I like to begin the post reminding you what usually gets on the bottom of the post, which is, the release party for the current issue! Issue that you find here: 

The party features the regular DJ of these parties, and fresh Surfer's bay Baygirl Leannan McCormick, and brings something unique to this type of event and that I like to remind to the many Sexiest Pornstars aspiring to get their break: attending this party will land you a spot on the next issue. You will show up in the party pics roll that opens the issue, and, if you truly stand out, you could end up like the gorgeous Lonah Criss, with a full Party Star spread!

So yeah, you gotta come over today Thursday 5th at 11 AM SLT !

For one more party with Leannan's music, pics and raffle prize by Kristina "Kiki" Deschanel, hard working at the party AND during the making of the magazine, since she gels all the content together as Executive Technical Editor! And of course the opportunities to be in this mag for promotion of any kind can and will open up, since every party brings chances to get in touch with the people who actually make the magazine starting with the head honcho mr. Edvard Taurion, Never underestimate the power of, you know, showing interest and connect!

Theia's pictorial makes graceful and creative use of props in a lovely, erotic display

Now, as for the issue: the staff of SL Connoisseur delivered another instance of the balanced mix of commercial features made by Edvard in his well tested style that you can read daily on his blog, plus the glam of a lifestyle adult one at that! The splendid covergirl Dee aka Dictatorshop embodies this dual soul of the magazine quite well! In another stunner of a pictorial by Theiasky, featuring .

Kara brought the devil out in the angelic Amia! Hmm, you say it did not take a lot? 

The pet of the month spread as well shows that the feature takes no ancillar role to the covergirl spot: it features one of the best known starlettes on the scene in Amia Jordan-Fizzle, and the shoot was executed by Kara Hawk, who is really spreading her wings as photographer. You can tell she conducted it as an original progression that showcases the...dual soul, again, of the model, from nice to so very naughty! Props to everyone involved in the two shoots, that's the kind of pictorial that really benefits from a magazine platform.

A taste of the orient in Osiris' voyage.

If you have been reading what I have been writing on this blog post, you probably are the kind of person who is gonna *read* the magazine and not just oogle at the boobs (nothing AT ALL wrong with that, btw!). In that case, besides Ed's interview and the promotional material from the featured content creators, I strongly suggest to get to Osiris Leshelle's chat with the owner of Ahiru. Once more, Osiris showcases the place with beautiful photography, involving writing and a perfectly flowing interview with the daimyo of the land himself.

Partygoers, girls of the month, sexiest pornstars!

Allright! It's just time to say bye for another month, remind you again about the party at 11 AM SLT, the mag to get on MP aaaaand...

If you'd like an opportunity to see your magazine, movie, project relevant to the Sexiest Pornstars group community featured in this blog, feel free to contact me in world!

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