Saturday, June 16, 2018

A Sexiest® Movie Premiere: Circus Erotica !

"Life is a Circus and there’s a winner born every minute." We do have a real winner in this newest Filthy Penny production, Circus Erotica, but it certainly was not born in a minute! We will take -more- than a minute of our time when the movie premieres today at 6 PM SLT (scroll to the bottom of the post for details). Wait, wasn't according to P.T. Barnum, a sucker born every minute? Well, it's gonna be an official porn party, so I am sure we are gonna get some sucking going too...But I digress.

This movie is an event. It deserves to be. Once you sit down and watch it, it's likely you won't have time to consciously extrapolate from the extravaganza of extraordinary scenes and situation precisely how much work this must have been to be put on screen and in SL. You will be completely immersed in the three-ring action and five-star visuals. Still, every time this movie throws an 'impossible' situation, a wildly imaginative predicament, every time the sense of wonder hits you, you may get in the back of your head the notion that what you see has behind it a well practiced craft, lots of work, and a mysterious art of its own. Surely the case here.

Four months in production, Circus Erotica has been. Deserved every second spent though. And much like a true carnie show, it certainly is an ensemble production: just listing the cast here will make this post particularly lenghty. Which offers me the chance to skip telling you about the plot, because quite frankly, I do want you to watch the movie yourself and be amazed by what you will see. I do want to stress tho that the movie is absolutely not just a motley juxtaposition of kinky scenes artfully shot in a Burtonesque imaginative setting...even if THAT alone would make the movie totally worth a look per se! In fact, many details you can pick up from the strangest situations at the circus fall into place for a greater puzzle  that will be revealed at the end. Just saying!

Again much like a carnie event, you will find acts of pure physicality and displays of finesse treading a thin line, freak shows (rather, freeky showings!) and artful ballet, a time for outrageous farce and for subdued, poetic visuals, covering the whole spectrum of sex from the magnetism between the two parts of performing duo, to the most twisted spectacles with stuff that is not supposed to go where you see it going!

A constant element of Mitzy's movies has been professional voice acting, and like in her previous movie Dystopia, Mitzy can boast in the credits the partecipation of one of the most awarded machinimist in SL, Rysan Fall. So, as the open narration goes....

" Life is a Circus and there’s a winner born every minute. 
Can you spare some change?  
Looks like you are the winner, Miss! That is not a train ticket, it’s a ticket to Circus Erotica. 
Let me see that ticket... Yes, this is the solo sexgasm ticket, the only ticket of its kind.  
Eight of your erotic fantasies will be performed center ring. "


A Max Long Film
From Rude Runner Studios
A Filthy Penny Production

Written and Directed by
Mitzy Broadway


Mitzy Broadway
Terrin Rembrandt
Laren Silverfall
Larry Vinaver 
Sasha Johansen
Katina Cazalet
Kioke Mio
Anyka Aiséirí 

Rachel Avro
Heather Ashford
Jadelyn McAuley
Cathy Palen
Partee Mytili
Vixxen Clowes
Sil ™
Kara Hawk
Kandie Kox
Zane Liener
Vicki Concertina

Alexandria Topaz
Kathrine Wohlfeld
Johnny Whadd
Charles Parker 
Tour Diddy
Sonji Prevost

Featuring the Voice of
Rysan Fall

Sound by
Dirty Sex and Magic
Peter Moore

Filthy Choreographer
Sasha Johansen

Filthy Casting
Rachel Avro

Filthy Costumes
Heather Ashford

Shot, Cropped and Scored by
Mitzy Broadway

A Filthy Penny Production

Ta-da. Yes, I am a rather disappointing post-credits scene, I know. While I point out the pivotal roles in the production that Heather Ashford and Rachel Avro had ( having also some fun in the movie having the most screentime in the memorable role of a fun-sized version of themselves shows them to be great sports), I am reminding you that the premiere for this movie will happen today June 16th at a special set in Hard Alley. Tunes and stage setup as now tradition for Mitzy's movies will be provided by the awesome Jadelyn McAuley.

The premiere will begin at 6 PM with the screening. Party will follow, 6:30-8:30. The arena is circus-themed, obviously, so you may show up dressed accordingly....or just come as you are and enjoy the insanity! The place is by the beach, too, so maximum freedom for your attire! No excuses, just come over...and let me just give you a suggestion you already hear every time: partecipating to parties is a good 'career' move, and not in a manipulative way. Being part of events and the pornstars 'life' is what makes the whole experience worth it, and gives feedback to the hard workers of the business...and chances for more fun to you!

Thanks to Mitzy and Rachel for their collaboration in this 'press release', and as usual, I invite you to hit me up inworld with suggestions and even plain requests for articles and features. If you make anything worth the interest of the Sexiest group members, there's no reason why you shouldn't promote it, I am here to help! :-)

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  1. Superb Movie, very proud to be a part of it all! Sensational!