Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Pornstars' Rack: June Mag!

Oh man, it's time for the hot season. Feels like it's the rain season actually, here but...let's not chitchat about the weather, and let's get damp with...

SL Connoisseur

As you know, from time to time I like to begin directly in the publisher's words! So there you go...

Dear Readers and Friends,
It is my pleasure to present to you...the new June issue of our ~SL~ Connoisseur Magazine.
I'd like to thank you again for all the messages and ideas that you sent to us straight from the beginning, my dear readers. Always looking for more of them. And never forget, we do what you wanna and ask to read about!

We have given you the best from fun and interesting locations, and products, as well as our hot Centerfold and Pet's of the Month for June.
Be sure to join our ~SL~ Connoisseur Magazine Fan group to keep updated and be more informed about what we are doing with the magazine and to be informed about our promo parties with furniture raffle and maybe even you become our next Party Star.

Enjoy SL with the always hot, new, informative and original ~SL~ Connoisseur Magazine.

Edvard Taurion
Owner & Publisher

I am disappointed by the lack of any French stereotype I can make fun of!

So let's analyze the last claim: 'new' is self explanatory, this is a new issue! 'Informative' ? Ah, SL Connoisseur since its inception has brought intriguing sim reports for your travels, and without a doubt Osiris Leshelle grants you exciting virtual trips. To France, in this issue. Osiris is one fine travel guide with her talent for capturing shots of photogenic spots: her writing here serves as pleasant and terse introduction to a well conducted interview with a sim owner very passionate about his work, deeply rooted in RL history and geography. And, still on the 'informative' side, let's not forget how SL Connoisseur features a variety of products and interviews with their maker (this month, a treat for Goreans out there!). Not to mention, a pink bear named Eliza. 'Original' ? Check!

Oh yeah, THIS is what I call a hot spread in a magazine!

 Now, 'Hot'? Oh, it's not just because it is the June issue: the hotness is guaranteed surely from the topics covered, featuring some nice kinky finds, but first and foremost by the photography! SL Connoisseur notoriously uses a double (with a third in the mix...more about it later!) centerfold format, with one being the cover girl, and the other being in the 'Pet of the month' spot. The names for both need no introduction for our group members: we are talking about the gorgeous Jewell Infinity and a model truly with a sense of style, Heather Ashford!

Trifecta of present and past protagonists of SLC's picture spreads, right here in this impromptu shot by Kiki!

I have been waxing lyricals the past months about Theiasky's skills as she delivers the ideal centerfold pictorial every month; Jewell is such a babe and get her to show off basking in sun and waters was all we wished for for a June issue. I have spent even more lines lines praising Kara Hawk's ever growing photo aptitude and fresh approach to the material: this issue too explains why, in a BDSM theme shoot that stands out for angle choices and forays in black and white. Without a doubt memorable shoots for both models. What's also memorable? The feature that certainly can get the fresh reader interested the most...

Theia's photography is as usual top notch and showcases Jewell's big jade eyes quite perfectly!

The best aspect of SL Connoisseur's originality from the reader's point of view is the ample room given to its community: the magazine opens and closes with material captured by the hardest working girl on staff and true cornerstone of the mag, Kristina Deschanel. Simply put, coming to the release parties with your best look guarantees you to appear in the next issue: that means, in the picture roll that opens it. And, if your look is particularly memorable and with a naughty streak (not just meaning you'll end up all naked :p), you may end up being celebrated as Party Star! As it happened to the showy Jasmine (Ladyannabellelee) So, the essentials here!  Visit the party, which starts at 11 AM SLT today, with Suffy (Leannan McCormick) as DJ!

 And check out the magazine right here , don't just take my word for it!
Come over, enter the raffle, have fun, shake your butt (as I said, that alone will make you appear on the next issue), but also take your time to talk to the staff, congratulate them for the good work, and perhaps you will find a way to interest them in having you business/endeavours/sheer pulchritude in an ample feature soon!

Want to see your work featured in this blog? IM me in world, leave a comment - this feature is entirely in your hands.

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