Thursday, December 6, 2018

The Pornstars' Rack: Countdown to XXXmas!

A new month can only mean...another unescapable holiday to celebrate, right? What are we promoting now? What new merch are we gonna stock on? Hmm? Hmm? The answer can be found of course in the newest issue of...

SL Connoisseur

But of course it's Xmas! We can't miss that one, or the good people at Coca Cola are going to be mad at us, right? It's no suprise to anyone that a December issue would contain plenty of gift ideas and be immersed in the holiday spirit, and this issue surely does not disappoint There are several lovely items , and sims, that bring you fully in the mood.
You can check them all , and you should!

No better image to show it than with Osiris LeShelle in another sweet sim report!

Since 'tis the season of giving, SL Connoisseur this time brings even more features than usual, with some sweet variations to its consistently applied formula. The most notable one being the presence of an 'extra' Pet of the Month, in the person of the sensual Mina Grace (6pinkpassion9). Her pictorial adds a different, adumbral take on the holidays, and looks just charming.

Extra, extra! More pets for December! Read all about it!

Another surprise within the tradition, is the unique blend of fashion and venue coverage, rolled in one! DJIceQueen brings an editorial contribution combining the two for the nightlife/club scene feature, this time taken at an event that involved music and a store presentation.

Hey, that's today!

A nice new take for what already is the freshest addition to the magazine formula. Is is also worth noting that the second 'youngest' member of the staff Avielle Jewell has a full fledged interview with what is definitely one of my favourite cosmetics designers around, featured in several top of the line events in SL. Together with the usual parterre of designers who have been working with Edvard on the blog as well, will give you a slew of products to check out.

With PEA as Pet, we have the T&A fully covered!

As for the rest of the crew that has been on the magazine longer, no better way to sum it than giving a shoutout to the covergirl herself, the prized Kristina Deschanel, shot by Kara Hawk. Without forgetting the gorgeous Pet of the Month, PEA Pevensey, captured in her beauty again by Kara, I am especially glad to see Kristina experience again the camera from the other side. Life and soul of the SL Connoisseur processing in every page, Kristina has the never easy task an editor has, to try and make everything fit before the end of the month thanks to everyone's contribution. A task to which she adds the entirely different challenge to keep those party photos coming seizing the moment every first Thursday of the month!

I too wish to every girl a xmas with so many big socks.

Forrrrr....the Party, of course! Which will happen, if you need a reminder, today Thursday 6th at 11 AM SLT, here! With the tunes from the awesome DJ Leannan McCormick! 
I keep mentioning it: SL Connoisseur is the one magazine that guarantees you to be in the next issue with your photo captured at the party, in fact it opens with it, and it may even also close with it in a full pictorial spread! And that sort of keepsake should only be your initial motivator to do what we always promote through the Pornstars parties and any other sort of promotion related to the adult arts: be part of it, provide feedback, show interest, don't just wait for anything to happen to you.

Show up at the party, get your photo captured (you may also become the Party Star like long time model LauraSpain Neox above!), and interact with the hard working inviduals who make this magazine. A word and a testimony of your interest can bring you far.

Want to see your work (magazine, movie, anything done by our group members, of interest for our group members? IM me (Katina Cazalet) in world or leave a comment here! It's can be as simple as that!

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