Thursday, January 3, 2019

The Pornstars' Rack: A new one!

New year, new magazines! Well, new issues of good ole magazines, that is. Here's the launch of the latest ...
  SL Connoisseur

January, to quote the incipit of an article here, can be a 'long and boring month', coming down from a big time of holidays, gifts and multiple hos. This issue though pulls out all the stops to be packed with content for every taste, with the staff working extra-hard, sometimes twice or thrice as hard and with new angles on true and tried features. An extra special instalment of SL Connoisseur that gets 2019 off to a good start!

If you wonder about the party dress code, what can I say? Less is more, sometimes!

Speaking of good starts, I like to remind you that the best and sure way to be part of the magazine, and be part of any and every gig in SL, is being the first to show interest. How? For instance, showing up at the party ! At 11 PM SLT today Thursday 3rd, SL Connoisseur throws the release party, which gives Kiki (Kristina Deschanel, the person in charge of putting together this publication!) the material to begin and end the issue. A great chance to meet the staff, starting with the owner Edvard Taurion, and be photographed by Kiki in some candid shots - including possibly the party star full pictorial!

That is a great policy, try and do  THAT on MP! pfft!

Starting to dig into the plentiful offer of this issue: as you can expect there are several product features and related interviews - I am especially happy to highlight the presence of renowned designers such as Bandor Beningborough of Maui fame, and Toxxic Rhiannyr, whose reputation preceeds her and that brough in the past her expertise as judge for the SX Awards. Both have been supporters of the adult arts in SL, with Bandor's Debauchery brand sponsoring Miss Emily amongst others. It is really nice to read some more about them, together with other usual suspects from Edvard's list of patrons.

Sneak into my club will you, you wasically wabbit?

Avielle Jewell led not just Toxxic's interview, which would be already a pretty formidable contribution, but also once more gives a different spin (wait for it...) to the Nightlife feature, this time not focusing on a club/location, but on a person. With all the wonderful DJ personalities we have in our group, I am sure I don't need to tell you how fascinating it can be to sit down and talk to someone about their choices and inspirations, so why not? DJs are often the soul of clubs more than the venue itself. Osiris Leshelle too pulled double duty, in two sim features that show quite nicely her range: one comes across as more photography oriented thanks to the flow of a sharp descriptive style of her writing, the other is built around the conversation with the creative mind behind the sim(s). Both are lovely shot travel diaries worth checking out.

Fetish activities? Oh I have this hunch about some of our readers interested in that...

I almost forgot the models! Not really, i was saving the juiciest parts for last! Across the past months and since her addition to the roster, DJIceQueen has provided photography to support several features as you can see in this issue she is tasked with a Pet of the Month pictorial featuring Sᴀɢᴇ Hᴇᴀᴛʜᴇɴ Vɪᴄɪᴏᴜs (MsKittenheel )! She shows dedication and talent. Both the 'studio' pictorials this month had to go with the new year theme obviously, and again I have to congratulate Kara Hawk for her centerfold, as the boobylicious (seriously, check those curves out!) Maya Moon is skillfully highlighted in every bit throughout a sexy and playful countdown. Kara's creative approaches to pictorials is truly one of the highlights of the magazine.

Some lovely baloons to greet 2019 with!

Now speaking of countdowns...You gotta come over to the party!
Featuring DJ Leannan McCormick's tunage, Kiki's watchful eye and a sure shot at SL glam (make believe as it may be!), paying a visit and a homage to the hard working people involved is a no brainer. The magazine is here on MP for you to check out, if you like to do your research first! otherwise, just come over and discover it as the party goes by. And yes, you may become the party star too, just like Natasha Deir here!

Want to see your work featured in this blog? IM me (Katina Cazalet) in world or leave a comment here! It's that simple really. Thanks to Edvard Taurion for his collaboration.

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