Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Trysten's 'The Chair'

The Chair - Zoey.

Having the seemingly blatant purpose for only on thing, the elusive master of seduction entices everyone in its midst, to become the favorite sex toy of so many individuals. It's the mute harbinger with promises of comfort, lust, passion, solitude, multiple orgasms, and the freedom of uninhibited wanton sessions of exploration.

We have seen the beginning of this series with Zuby, and you can follow Trysten's eulogy of this understated item of furniture on his flickr! It's pretty awesome, but most of all, it features really hot models, some seen more often than others. Excellent variety here. Featuring: Zoey Winsmore, Rosa Rhiadra, Layla Pexie, Maria Amor, Ayara Illios, Dani, Colleen Criss, Jadelyn McAuley, Minali Sercotago and of course Zuby Gloom.
Do check out the set here!

The Chair - Rosa.

The Chair - Layla.

The Chair - Maria.

The Chair - Ayara.

The Chair - Dani.

The Chair - Colleen.

The Chair - Jade.

The Chair - Minali.

The Chair - Zuby.

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