Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Pornstars Rack: Holiday Magazines!

We are all in a festive mood, aren't we? Well then, let's have a bit of fun with the Christimas edition of...

BUSTed Magazine

BUSTed December Edition

Busted is always a magazine very rich in content. This issue continues the tradition of being open to the contributions of its readers, embracing the holiday spirit, but providing the usual top notch quality of photoshoots by its affiliated photographers.

The gorgeous Spirit modeling for Lexie Jansma

There are in fact so many excellent photoshoots in the issue that it would be impossible to single one out. Surely deserving of special note and mention is the presence of Spirit Eleonara, for whom excellence is the ordinary. The 2014 Sexiest® Photograph award winner is seen in this issue in both the role of model (see above) and photographer, shooting Tara Asamoah with breathtaking results. And you can see her contributions in the opening feature of the issue, which will, I am sure, get more than a smile from you. I joked in the past about how Hard Rust was going to be one of the most featured people on Busted if only he grew a bit more cleavage, my prophecy nearly came true this time!

Ashley by Domino, one sexiest photoshoot already peeked at from the other side too 

On this issue, you get to see also the fine work of the likes of Bewitched Difference, Domino Dupre, Jinx Jiersen, Kirsten Smith, Rachel of course, and models such as Tatiana Easterwood, Ashley, cover girl DarkAngel, Rhiannon Skinstad, and so many not part of the Pornstars group but that you have seen and heard about..and if you haven't, you should!

Even a non-paparazzo photoshoot by Arnno Planer! Wow! 

 So go get Busted! You can easily get a copy of Busted from one of the thousands of in-world kiosks that you can find wherever boobs (and booby things) are sold, and if you are short on ideas for that, just drop by their HQ, here. You might get some ideas about your cleavage-enhancement shopping, and partecipate to their Xmas Crackers hunt! Have a fun time with your holidays!

  Please feel free to put under my xmas tree a copy of your magazine, if you think its content is relevant to our blog readers. I'll cover it on the blog for you! Thanks!

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  1. This issue was soooo much fun! Thank you Katina! Also much thanks to Lexie and Rachel. As well, I want to say thanks to Hard, Cross and Jackson for being good sports for this one ! ♡♡♡