Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Pornstars' Rack: En avant, March!

In what is a snowy 1st of March in my RL, all I can do is hope for a nice warm spring, and obviously curl up reading a mag! Ok, and writing about a mag. That's less snuggly, but can get squirmy! Especially with one such as...

SL Connoisseur

SL Connoisseur takes partying very seriously, so, let me tell you about it first ! Starting at 11 AM SLT with the incomparable Suff (Leannan Lockjaw) as DJ, the release party of SL Connoisseur is always a good one to hit. Where at? Ah, here!

It's the easiest chance you have to end up in the magazine, and not 'just' because you WILL be in its opening feature, which has been for many issues now a photo report of the previous month's, but also because the porn 'business', is as we keep reminding you, a lot about networking! Often simply showing interest, showing awareness and oh yeah, simply showing up, can truly make the difference.

No preferred dress code, feel free to bring your tiara, lace leggings and fluffy tail if you wish!! 

 I do usually write 'business' between quotation marks talking about the porn scene, but as anyone who follows Edvard's work even just through his blogging knows, the man DOES mean serious business! Some of the designers highlighted by Edvard have a broad and non specifically porny selection of items, but others are as big of a part of the porn community as it gets. I can safely say that one of the most interesting features of the issue is indeed one of commercial nature, being the interview with Stroker Serpentine. If you are following the pornstars group in world, I am sure you have seen the name of Stroker pop up quite often these days, thanks to his investment in pornstar parties and the presence of the Stroker Girlz!

Stroker's presence in the porn community has been a constant since the early, and I mean very very early days of porn in SL - heck, even of sex itself in SL - read the interview on this issue and you'll find out!

In addition to your shopping tips, you can enjoy another quality sim report and lively interview by the fantasystic (see what I did there?) Osiris LeShelle, and sexy pictorials of lovely girls! What would SL Connoisseur be without a centerfold model and the Pet of the Month? The latter is Kay Hemming (Kayleen Avedon), in a photo spread by the real jolly of the team, Kristina Deschanel, who on top of traditional spreads is also always a reliable hand at the camera for party shoots and with the layout job on the whole magazine.

I really like her subtle jewelry and the tats and ....yeah, ok. I know what you are looking at. Pervs.

About the beauty that is the centerfold model, I was delighted to see in yet another quality photoshoot from Theia one of the most active starlettes in porn these days. I am talking about Kara Hawk! Edvard has shown good instincts in the past grabbing models that are really 'trending' (just today you may have seen the announcement of her 'girl of the month' SLC interview as well!), and this delectable blonde is a fine example. Kara is enjoying these days a renewed passion for photography herself after a career as model that saw her star in the past in some of the best work by Isabelle Cheviot: a magazine cover is a fitting celebration of more than just a wonderful start of 2018 for her! I tend to root for performers who go through positive phases and are more active in the business. Err, 'business'! I sure would love to get busy with her! Take a look at the cover again and you see why.

Buzzing parties open up opportunities, a rule always to remember for porn happenings!

So! get your copy of the magazine at this link, and swing by today at 11 AM SLT!

Always something nice happening! From the obligatory photo that goes in the next issue - that could be much more if you become the Party Star like Kαѕuмι Sтαrѕi Cyhtleen) - to winning the raffle to...oh you know, meeting people and talking with photographers, producers and yes, magazine editors and owners, stuff can happen! Don't miss out.

Thanks to the SL Connoisseur staff for the material for the article: for a coverage of your magazine, movie or anything on the Pornstars blog, feel free to write me inworld!

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