Thursday, July 5, 2018

The Pornstars' Rack: I plead the Fifth!

Is it hot in here or what? To be honest, it IS damn hot. Let's make it worse with a magazine of sizzling babes!

SL Connoisseur

So it is time for another release of SL Connoisseur! Which means, time to have another party! Which will happen today Thursday 5th at 11 AM SLT. 

There will be a chance to win furniture with the raffle, and Suffy's tunes (and her voice!) are always great to listen to. But what's the best selling point for parties in this industry? Exactly, the chance to network and be noticed! SL Connoisseur is the one magazine that guarantees you to make an appearance in the next issue thanks to Kristina Deschanel's camera roll. And even to become a star, literally! No, not a big ball of hot gas , but SLC's Party Star, with an extended feature that traditionally concludes the issue.

Sonji aka Sonji Prevost is always a gorgeous presence at parties. Look at those beautiful big letters! 

And obviously, getting to the party also increases the chance to be part of the main course of the magazine as far as erotic photography is concerned. For over 2 years and a half now SL Connoisseur has featured talent in the guise of the Pet of the Month model, and the traditional centerfold covergirl, the most coveted spot for obvious reasons. The former is handled by Kara Hawk, the latter by Theia. What to say about their work that I haven't already covered in the previous issues?

Now that as sexy as a cowgirl position as you can do solo!

Theia's artistic rendition of Lady Stromfield aka Dream gives her name full justice, and Kara continues this month with Chelsea Gravois to imbue her photoshoots with sexy cheekiness.
And still talking about hot chicks (where would a magazine of this kind be without hot chicks?), besides Kristina 'Kiki' Deschanel's photo and editing work that glues the magazine together, we get this month too Osiris LeShelle's photo report from a sim with a lil bit of naughty broiling underneath the quiet look. A nice talk with chatty and entertaining owners, and their dog! Well okay, the dog does not talk. Okay, no spoilers.

And Kirby. Let's not forget Kirby.

SLC througout the years has helped enormously to discover new talent and make people from this community step up their game and measure themselves with all the pressure and expectations that magazine work brings. Its ultimate look and purpose is of course dictated by the core business of its owner, Edvard Taurion, as an important part of the magazine itself is based on product features made in the tried and tested style of his adult furniture review blog, but the magazine provides a lot of value besides the obvious usefulness of the products in the spotlight.

Leannan McCormick is always entertaining and a great DJ. Even when she forgets to plug the console in!

And again, the most obvious value comes when you get to be part of it, which is in some shape or form the easiest way to be in any mag and most immediate of any magazine. Show up and you'll just have to wait a month at most, for the next issue. Wanna check out the magazine as you haven't yet? It's been around for 31 issues now, but I know that in the world of porn it's very easy to miss something. So, come check it out at the party, and perhaps you have a place where you wanna put a new kiosk as well! The mag is available as well on Marketplace, for FREE.

See you at the party, and enjoy!

Want to see your work featured in this blog? IM me (Katina Cazalet) in world or leave a comment here. An article on this blog is not meant to be a special privilege, it's only a matter of being interested in it and meeting me halfway providing the material, as long as you do something that is of interest for the community!

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