Saturday, July 12, 2014

Amanda and The Vanderbilts

manda candy

Hmmm. This post's title sounds like a cheesy 80s sitcom or something. But it's so not!
In fact, Brat Amanda is without a doubt one of the models with the most impressive, and exciting, portfolio you'll ever see on the porn scene. As I merely began to show in the previous post to her dedicated.

I just have to post some of the awesome shots taken by Lasga Claven featuring her and that I haven't blogged in the Gallery posts, and i could bring out so many more by other wonderfully talented photographers (oh, and I will!).
But after the scrumptious appetizer, the main course here is made of creations by Amanda, like a steamy sex set with Nuro, and her family fun Vanderbilt-style. And Amanda makes movies too! So, you get one screenshot each for 'Daddy's beach toy' and 'Sister Love', and the whole movies are for you to watch (sadly just on the lower quality version, for now, with SLPornTube gone). Follow her adventures of course on her personal blog, and the one with her family business. Showing the range in this bratty girl to spoil.


Amanda & Las

Amanda & Shanelle

Goldie Locks and Dorothy with boytoy

Goldie Locks and Dorothy Scissors

Amanda & Nuro

Amanda & Nuro

Amanda & Nuro

Amanda & Nuro

Amanda & Nuro

Amanda,Misha and April Vanderbilt

Incest fun with the Sisters

more incest fun

Porn Daddy's Beach Toy

Sister Love- New Porn

Jump with me to the movies!

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