Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Jul 31

Jasmine S.

Welcome to your Official Pornstars® Gallery! And welcome back to a few people that I have today the pleasure to blog after a while!
First of all, the 'superbusty bimbo doll' Jasmine Skyward, in a pic very truthful to the original by the talented Ronny Lectar.

And then we move on, with frequent fliers each and every time not any less welcome: Bewitched Difference, Kirsten Smith, Anyka Aiseiri, Erika Thorkveld, Raelin Jestyr (featuring a new face in Felony Chu, because Rae is awesome finding hot guys). Also on his first appearance on this blog, Grumpy Bear (Ashlynn's butt is a recurring guest, thankfully), and it's always a pleasure to feature hot quality uploads from non-porn personalities like Dessele Destiny.
And now, after the May the 4th shoot, we have more erotica from photo jedi Jinx Jiersen, showing us Marisa Cherie, and we have the return of Ashlynn and Be, with Chloe Cotton , in a sexy and funny shot by the all too modest Melinakis. To follow, photos by : Sheleah Denver, Nakuru Bergamasco (with Zynda), Fawn Serenity, Cherry Bomb, and yes. Yes, a Woozer Paule pic, even!

Christion Sparta, Aloma Sands, CeeCee by Graham Collinson, Ravnous by Solidx conclude today's lineup.
Come back tomorrow for a new batch of hotness. You won't be disappointed!

Chill Forever Fated for Erotigacha 1 The Cottage, Obsession Studios, 30-7-14 Couch heat Just A Taste Grumpy Bish D#403# Marisa Cherie Marisa Cherie Girls fun One Love Work Break Midnight Sun Oo Dancing in the Dark ..O E M Man Eater eve02 CeeCee

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